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The UF College of Nursing’s faculty members set a standard for excellence when it comes to innovative education, dynamic research and quality patient care. The College has the largest number of doctorally-prepared research-active faculty in the state of Florida .

Due to the innovative spirit of its leadership and faculty, UF has pioneered more groundbreaking nursing education models than any other Florida nursing program, including the first nursing faculty practice plan in the state. Faculty education, research and clinical activities are also enhanced through interdisciplinary experiences with five other health science colleges, a network of health care centers and clinical affiliations with community organizations and governmental agencies.

The College’s faculty is comprised of two departments: Biobehavioral Nursing Science and Family, Community and Health System Science.

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All Faculty

Name Email
Adams, Sharon
Bethart, Sally
Bradley, Sharon
Bruney, Teresa
Bumbach, Michael
Carlin, Bonnie J.
Castleman, Joan
Cimiotti, Jeannie
Citty, Sandra Wolfe
Cook, Christa
Curry, Kim
D’Alessandro, Tina
Delpech, Paula Alexander
Derrico, David J.
Duckworth, Laurie
Elder, Jennifer Harrison
Ezenwa, Miriam
Figueroa, Cynthia
Frum, Dorie
Gannon, Jane
Garbutt, Susan
Garvan, Cynthia
Glover, Toni
Haddad, Linda
Hartjes, Tonja
Hays, Stacia
Hoffman, Jacqueline “Jacqui”
Horgas, Ann
Irving, Jo
Johnson-Mallard, Versie
Kairalla, Ashley
Keenan, Gail
Kelly, Debra Lynch
Krueger, Charlene
Lane, Mary
Lester, Donna
Love, Patricia
Lucero, Robert
Lyon, Debra
McDaniel, Anna M.
Nealis, Rose M.
Parker, Leslie
Peters, Allison
Pieper, Pam
Reed, Karen
Rye, Karen
Schaffer, Susan D.
Schentrup, Denise
Stacciarini, Jeanne-Marie R
Stechmiller, Joyce
Stephen, Anita
Weaver, Michael
Weber, Bryan A.
Wilkie, Diana
Yao, Yingwei
Yoon, Saunjoo
Young, Nancy Gill