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Adult and Elderly Nursing

The Department of Adult and Elderly Nursing (ADU), chaired by Dr. Joyce Stechmiller, is comprised of almost 40 faculty members and one program assistant. The department is responsible for teaching  health assessment, pathophysiology, pharmacology and adult health nursing in the baccalaureate program as well as the physiology and pathophysiology, core course and adult health courses in the master’s and Doctor of Nursing Practice program. Faculty members in the ADU Department also teach other courses across all educational programs.

DNP degree tracks offered in the Adult and Elderly Department include the adult gerontology primary care nurse practitioner and adult gerontology acute care nurse practitioner.

The faculty of the ADU department, many of whom are regarded as experts in their respective areas, conduct research relevant to clinically diverse adult and elderly populations. Ongoing funded research includes investigations on but not limited to: cognitive decline and pain expression in older adults and health disparities, complementary therapies and biobehavioral aspects of breast cancer.


Adult and Elderly Nursing Faculty

Name Email
Ahn, Hyochol “Brian”
Bradley, Sharon
Burley, Joe
Carlin, Bonnie J.
Citty, Sandra Wolfe
Derrico, David J.
Figueroa, Cynthia
Glover, Toni
Hartjes, Tonja
Horgas, Ann
Lane, Mary
Lever, Dorie
Love, Patricia
Reed, Karen
Reischman, Rosalyn R.
Solomon, Kathleen
Stechmiller, Joyce
Stephen, Anita
Weber, Becky
Weber, Bryan A.
Yoon, Saunjoo