Spring 2016 syllabi

Per UF policy, the College of Nursing retains syllabi from the previous three semesters.

Fall 2015

Summer 2015

Spring 2015

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Spring 2016

Semester 2 Generic BSN Juniors

NUR 3197 – Genetics and Genomics in Health Care
Section 05GC
Instructor Drew

NUR 3145 – Pharmacology for Nursing
Section 3085
Instructor Weber

NUR 3738 – Systems of Care 2: Restoration of Wellness
Section 2859
Instructors Derrico

NUR 3738C* – Clinical Practice 2: Restoration of Wellness
Sections 04GC, 04GH, 04G2, 04G3, 1G27, 1G29
Instructors Stephen, Young, Parrish, Bethart, Nealis

NUR 3169 – Inquiry and Evidence in Professional Nursing Practice
Sections 1C59
Instructors Duckworth, Ahmad

Semester 3 Accelerated BSN

NGR 6638 – Health Promotion
Sections 02E4, 02G4
Instructor Lucero, Hays

NUR 4739 – Systems of Care 3: Restoration of Wellness
Section 01H5
Instructors Derrico

NUR 4739L* – Clinical Practice 3: Restoration of Wellness
Sections 0116, 1G40, 1G41, 012B
Instructor Derrico

NUR 4837 – Healthcare Policy, Finance, and Regulatory Environments
Sections 0122, 1103
Instructors Nealis, Keenan

NUR 3826 – Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing
Section 0120
Instructors Bethart

Semester 4 Generic BSN Seniors

NUR 4748 – Systems of Care 4: Multi-system Care (first 8 weeks of the semester)
Sections 02BD, 1C58
Instructor Citty

NUR 4748L* – Clinical Practice 4: Multi-system Care
Sections 02BE, 1G57, 1G58, 02BF, 1G59, 1G66, 1G71, 02BG, 1G85, 1G89
Instructor Derrico

NUR 4829 – Leadership and Management in Nursing
Sections 0661, 0639, 0654
Instructors Stacciarini, Castleman, Ezenwa

NUR 4837 – Healthcare Policy, Finance, and Regulatory Environments
Sections 021B, 02G9, 111A, 1104
Instructors Peters, Fisher. Gahaban, Cadena

NUR 4935* – Honors Seminar in Nursing
Section 0708
Instructor McDaniel

NUR 4944L – Transition to Professional Practice
Section 07A7
Instructor Derrico


NUR 3065C: Comprehensive Health Assessment
Section 2E55, 14GF
Instructor: Gannon, Ferguson

NUR 3805: Professional Nursing in the Evolving Health Care System
Section 2E56, 0021
Instructor: Kelly, Gannon

NUR 4635C
Section 021F
Instructor Bethart

NUR 4837
Section 143C
Instructor Fisher


NGR 6050C – Neonatal Diagnositics
Section 2E19
Instructor Hoffman

NGR 6052C – Adult Nursing: Diagnostics & Procedures (first 8 weeks of the semester)
Section 1865
Instructors Hartjes, Lester

NGR 6172 – Pharmacotherapeutics for Advanced Nursing Practice
Section 0959
Instructor Curry

NGR 6230C – Adult Nursing: Critically Ill Diagnostic & Procedures (second 8 weeks of the semester)
Section 119C
Instructors Hartjes, Lester

NGR 6241 – Common Adult Health Problems
Section 0262
Instructors Figueroa

NGR 6241L – Common Adult Health Problems: Clinical
Sections 02672222
Instructors Schaffer, Figueroa

NGR 6242L – Adult- Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner I
Sections 0377
Instructors Hartjes

NGR 6301 – Advanced Child Health Nursing 1
Section 2801
Instructor Hays

NGR 6301L – Advanced Child Health Nursing Clinical 1
Sections 4622, 21HG
Instructors Hays, Nealis

NGR 6320 – Neonatal Nurse Practitioner 1
Section 2E14
Instructor Hoffman

NGR 6320L – Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Clinical 1
Section 2E16
Instructor Hoffman

NGR 6365 – Primary Care for Nurse-Midwifery Practice
Section 1G99
Instructor Gannon

NGR 6366 – Nurse Midwifery Care 1
Section 1H02
Instructor Lenas

NGR 6366L – Nurse Midwifery: Care of Women & Neonates Clinical 1
Section 1H07
Instructor Johnson-Mallard

NGR 6371 – Pharmacotherapeutics for Advanced Neonatal Nursing
Section 2100
Instructor Hoffman

NGR 6372C – Advanced Pediatric Procedures and Diagnostics
Section 2816
Instructors Bruney

NGR 6503 – Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner: Individual Psychotherapy
Section 1C50
Instructor Curley

NGR 6503L – Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner: Individual Psychotherapy Clinical
Section 1C55
Instructor Curley

NGR 6560C – Advanced Psychiatric Assessment and Diagnostics
Section 1C56
Instructor Curley

NGR 6840 – Applied Statistical Analysis 1
Section 21CC, 1425, 143B, 18F4
Instructor Lyon, Garvan, Weaver, Cimiotti

NGR 6850-Research Methods and Evidence-Based Practice
Section 0574, 3057
Instructor Elder, Stechmiller

NGR 6941 – Practicum
Sections 19AC, 19AF, 19AH, 19A0, 19A1, 19A6, 19A7, 19BF
Instructors Curley, Bumbach, Hartjes, Figueroa, Nealis, Hoffman, Gannon

NGR 6944 – Practicum
Section 2B84, 2B86, 2B87, 2B93, 2B96, 2B97, 2C07, 2C16
Instructor Curley, Residency, Hartjes, Figueroa, Nealis, Hoffman, Gannon

NGR 7940L – Residency in Advanced Nursing Practice
Sections 023E
Instructors Schaffer

NGR 7970L – Advanced Nursing Project
Section 024D
Instructor Schaffer


NGR 6815 – Foundations of Qualitative Research in Health
Section 0527
Instructor Cook

NGR 7835 – Nurse Science & Scholar II
Section 2D90
Instructors Wilkie

NGR 7124 – Theory Development in Nursing
Section 3064
Instructor Horgas

NGR 7979 – Advanced Research
Section 6950

NGR 7980 – Doctoral Research
Section 4823

University Wide Course

NUR 2650-Transcultural Communication in Healthcare Today
Section 2B71
Instructor Reed