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Course Outlines and Syllabi

Per UF policy, the College of Nursing retains syllabi from the previous three semesters.

Spring 2015

Fall 2014

Summer 2014

Note: You must have Office 2007 to download these documents. If you do not, please email Lyndsay Ulmer to receive an alternate compatible version.

Summer 2015

Semester 1 Accelerated BSN

NUR 3069C- Health Assessment and Communication
Section 7F36
Instructors Reed, Frum

NUR 3129- Pathophysiology/Psychopathology
Section 7B54
Instructors Derrico

NUR 3138 – Systems of Care 1: Wellness Promotion & Illness Prevention
Section 7B61
Instructor Gannon

NUR 3138C*- Clinical Practice 1: Wellness Promotion & Illness Prevention
Sections 7B92, 74C0, 74C1,
Instructors Frum, Reed, Stephen

NUR 3825 – Introduction to the Profession of Nursing
Sections 7E29,   719F
Instructors Kelley, Kelly

*Departmentally controlled – The College of Nursing will register you for this course.


Semester 4 Accelerated BSN

NUR 4748 – Systems of Care 4: Multi-system Care (Summer A)
Section 0091
Instructor Citty

NUR 4748L* – Clinical Practice 4: Multi-system Care (Summer A)|
Sections 0095, 0278, 028E,  028G, 03E7
Instructor Derrico
Simulation: Stephen

NUR 4944L – Transition to Professional Practice (Summer B)
Section 4E98
Instructor Derrico

NUR 4829 – Leadership and Management in Nursing (Summer C)
Sections 72C7, 72D1
Instructors Bethart, Young

*Departmentally controlled – The College of Nursing will register you for this course.



NUR 3123- Pathophysiology and Pharmacology
Section 73C8
Instructor: Derrico

NUR 3826- Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing
Section 7384
Instructor: Bethart



NGR 6002C – Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning
Sections 7367, 8240
Instructors Figueroa, Gannon

NGR 6243 – Adult –Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner 2
Section 8452
Instructor Reischman

NGR 6243L – Adult –Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner 2
Section 84538454
Instructor Hartjes, Reischman

NGR 6244 – Complex Adult Health Problems
Section 7710
Instructor Figueroa

NGR 6244L – Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner 2
Sections 8456, 8457
Instructors Figueroa, Solomon

NGR 6255 – Advanced Nursing Care of the Older Adult
Section 7717
Instructor Figueroa

NGR 6302 – Advanced Child Health Nursing II
Section 7B48
Instructors Hays

NGR 6302L – Advanced Child Health Nursing Clinical II
Sections 8234, 8805
Instructors Hays, Bruney

NGR 6311 – Advanced Acute & Chronic Child Health Nursing
Section 72E0
Instructors Nealis

NGR 6321-Neonatal Nurse Practitioner II
Section 7101
Instructors Hoffman

NGR 6321L-Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Clinical II
Section 7103
Instructors Hoffman

NGR 6311L – Advanced Acute & Chronic Health Nursing Clinical
Section 72E1
Instructors Nealis, Bruney

NGR 6350 – FNP: Women, Adolescents, and Children
Section 7680
Instructors Bruney, Schaffer

NGR 6350L – FNP: Adults, Women, Adolescents, and Children Clinical
Sections 7682, 8189, 72E2
Instructors Schaffer, Gleason, Curry

NGR 6367 – Nurse-Midwifery Care II
Section 72EE
Instructor Houston

NGR 6367L – Nurse-Midwifery: Care of Women and Neonates Clinical II
Section 72EG
Instructor Houston

NGR 6509 – Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner: Family Psychotherapy
Section 72D8
Instructor Curley

NGR 6509L – Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner: Family and Individual Psychotherapy Clinical
Section 72D9
Instructor Curley

NGR 6538 – Psychopharmacology for Psychiatric Nursing
Section 72EA
Instructor Scwait

NGR 6941 – Practicum
Sections 7368, 7388, 747H, 71G1, 71G2, 71G3

NGR 6773- CNL Residency/Internship
Section 72E3
Instructors Gannon

NGR 7176- Advanced Topics in Pharmacotherapeutics
Section 8019
Instructor Nealis

NGR 7827 – Outcomes Research and Evaluation
Section 8015
Instructor Gannon

NGR 7891 – Health Policy and Finance in Advanced Nursing Practice
Section 8023, 8075, 8076, 8084
Instructor Gleason, Hartjes, Reischman

PHC6001 – Principles of Epidemiology
Dept. Control*

NGR 7940L – Residency in Advanced Nursing Practice
Sections 7B81, 72E4, 721A, 721C, 7491
Instructors Schaffer

NGR 7970L – Advanced Nursing Project
Section 7562
Instructor Schaffer



NGR 6845 – Applied Statistical Analysis 2
Section 7980
Instructor Vacca

NGR 7814 – Qualitative Field Methods
Section 7923
Instructor Cook

NGR 7979 – Advanced Research
Section 9278

NGR 7980 – Doctoral Research
Section 8482