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Course Outlines and Syllabi

Per UF policy, the College of Nursing retains syllabi from the previous three semesters.

Summer 2015

Spring 2015

Fall 2014


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Fall 2015

Semester 1 Traditional BSN Students

NUR 3069C – Health Assessment and Communication
Section 1185
Instructor: Reed, Solomon, Bagnall, McGehee

NUR 3129 – Pathophysiology and Psychopathology
Section 11HD
Instructors: Derrico

NUR 3138 – Systems of Care 1: Wellness Promotion & Illness Prevention
Section 2217
Instructors: Gannon

NUR 3138C – Clinical Practice 1: Wellness Promotion & Illness Prevention Seminar
Sections 12A1 Yoon/Bethart,12A2 Figueroa/Bethart, 12A3 Derrico/Young, 12A4 Reed/Brimeyer, 16G4 Citty/Castlman, Carlin/Castleman
Instructor: Derrico/Various

NUR 3825 – Introduction to the Profession of Nursing
Sections 6866, 6868, 6871, 8351
Instructors: Kelly,  Young, Bradley



Semester 3 Traditional BSN Students

NUR 3826 – Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing
Sections 6876
Instructors: Bethart

NUR 4739 – Systems of Care 3: Restoration of Wellness
Section 3362
Instructors: Derrico

NUR 4739L – Clinical Practice 3: Restoration of Wellness
Sections *16H8 Stephen/Cook, 16H9 Reed/Cook, 1602 Citty/Cook, 1607 Peters/Bethart, 1608 Frum/Bethart, 17C8 Carlin-APU/Bethart
Instructors: Derrico/Various

NUR 3638 – Population Focused Care
Section 17A3
Instructor: Castleman

NUR 4930 – Spirituality and Creativity in Health Care
Section 5216
Instructor: Lane


Semester 2 Accelerated BSN Students

NUR 3197- Genetics and Genomics in Health Care
Section 0048
Instructor: Drew

NUR 3145 – Pharmacology for Nursing
Section 05D5
Instructor: Weber

NUR 3738 – Systems of Care 2: Restoration of Wellness
Section 049C
Instructors: Krueger

NUR 3738C – Clinical Practice 2: Restoration of Wellness
Sections 12A5 Citty, 12A6 Peters, 16H4 Janelle, 16H6 Carlin, 16H7 Yoon, 17CF Parrish
Instructor: Derrico/Various

NGR 6101 – Theory and Research for Nursing
Section 2364, 17CH
Instructors: Lyon, Moosvi



NUR 3197- Genetics and Genomics in Health Care
Section 0048
Instructor: Drew

NUR 3169-Inquiry and Evidence in Professional Nursing Practice
Section 22GD
Instructor: Duckworth

NUR 3816- Seminar in Professional Nursing
Section 14H9
Instructor: Bradley



NGR 6054C – Advanced Neonatal Health Assessment & Diagnostic Reasoning
Section 5717
Instructor Hoffman

NGR 6101- Theory and Research for Nursing
Sections 24H1, 24H2
Instructors: Glover, Horgas

NGR 6140 – Physiology & Pathophysiology for Advanced Practice Nursing
Sections 0295
Instructor: Albanese-O’Neil

NGR 6172 – Pharmacotherapeutics for Advanced Practice Nursing
Section 1165, 236G
Instructor: Curry, Figueroa

NGR 6247 – Complex Adult High Prevalence Illnesses
Section 1187
Instructor: Figueroa

NGR 6247L – Adult  Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner 3
Sections 1188, 1199
Instructors Figueroa, Solomon

NGR 6248 – Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner 3
Section 1198
Instructor Hartjes

NGR 6248L – Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner 3
Sections 1200
Instructors: Hartjes

NGR 6307 – Advanced Child Health Nursing III
Section 1176
Instructor: Nealis

NGR 6307L – Advanced Child Health Nursing Clinical III
Section 1177
Instructors: Nealis, Pieper

NGR 6323 – Neonatal Nurse Practitioner 3
Section 13FG
Instructor: Hoffman

NGR 6323L – Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Clinical 3
Section 13F0
Instructor: Hoffman

NGR 6364 – Seminar: The Nurse Midwife
Section 7332
Instructor: Ferguson

NGR 6368 – Nurse Midwifery Care III
Section 14C1
Instructor: Stiffler

NGR 6368L- Nurse Midwifery: Care of Women and Neonates Clinical III
Section 14C4
Instructor: Johnson-Mallard

NGR 6508- Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner: Group Psychotherapy
Section 14C8
Instructor: Curley

NGR 6508L- Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner: Group & Individual Psychotherapy Clinical
Section 14DE
Instructor: Curley

NGR 6612 – FNP: Complex Family Health Care
Section 1634
Instructor: Schaffer

NGR 6612L – FNP: Complex Family Health Care Clinical
Sections 14DE
Instructor: Schaffer

NGR 6638 – Health Promotion
Sections 13F4, 24BE, 24BF
Instructors: Lucero, Haddad, Hays

NGR 6740 – Role Transition: Issues in Advanced Practice Nursing
Sections 14733355
Instructors: Bruney, Fisher

NGR 6836 – Leading Quality Improvement Practice Initiatives
Sections 25FA, 25FB, 25FC
Instructors: Cimiotti, Gannon, Fisher

NGR 6930 – Spirituality and Creativity in Healthcare
Sections 13G7
Instructor: Lane

NGR 7003 – Advanced Diagnostics Reasoning
Section 6812
Instructor: Hartjes

NGR 7831 – Quality Indicators in Nursing Systems
Section 6796
Instructor Nealis

NGR 7882 – Ethical Theories and Rational Decision Making in Healthcare
Sections 2360, 25EC
Instructor: Gannon

NGR 7940L- Residency in Advanced Nurse Practice
Section 173F
Instructor: Schaffer

NGR 7970L – Advanced Nursing Project
Section 8523
Faculty: Schaffer



NGR 7709 – Nurse Science & Scholar I
Section 161A
Instructor: Krueger

NGR 7115 – Philosophy in Nursing Science
Section 3565
Instructor: Krueger

NGR 7816 – Quantitative Research Design & Measurement in Nursing
Section 6182
Instructor: Elder

NGR 7882 – Ethical Theories & Rational Decision Making in Health Care
Sections 25ED
Instructors Snider

NGR 7979 – Advanced Research
Sections 3572 (Syllabus N/A)

NGR 7980 – Doctoral Research
Section 7745 (Syllabus N/A)