Nursing Resource Center

The Nursing Resource Center (NRC) is located on the first floor of the UF College of Nursing. To reserve a room in the NRC, please visit the online reservation system.

The Nursing Resource Center (NRC) provides a realistic, safe learning environment for nursing students to learn and practice nursing skills, including inter-professional teamwork and communication.

The Nursing Resource Center replicates an actual patient care environment found in health care facilities. The NRC contains eleven hospital beds complete with headwalls, over bed tables, and bedside stands. Nursing students use task trainers, and mid to high fidelity manikins to improve critical thinking and clinical skills proficiency. A variety of manikins, including Sim Junior, Sim Mom, Sim New B Advanced, Mega Code Kid, and Nursing Anne simulate normal and abnormal vital signs, heart sounds, lung sounds, bowel sounds to facilitate the acquisition of nursing skills. Various task trainers and models are available, including IV Training Arms, Intubation models, Central Line Insertion models, Foley models, and Ostomy models.

The NRC is utilized by nursing students enrolled in in clinical practice courses, health assessment courses, and graduate level diagnostics and procedures courses.

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Nursing Resource Center Guidelines

Nursing Resource Center Guidelines

The Nursing Resource Center (NRC) is a simulated patient environment that contains costly patient care equipment, simulators, and bedside computers.

Food & Drinks

  • NO chewing gum, food or drinks are allowed at the bedside
  • Drinks are allowed at the long tables in covered containers only


  • To reserve a room in the NRC, please contact Jenny Nanson (352-273-6441 or
  • Students needing access to practice skills can utilize Open Lab Hours on Fridays from 9 am to Noon. There is now a convenient online check-in system
  • The NRC can be divided into three rooms

Supplies & Equipment

  • The faculty involved in teaching the lab course in the NRC will review and confirm the required items on the supply list with Jenny Nanson. The current supply lists are available in the NRC. This should be completed six weeks prior to the commencement of the course to ensure the availability of the required supplies and materials. Faculty are responsible for bringing their own handouts and for taking extra materials with them from the NRC at the end of their lab or class
  • Each course has a designated storage bin(s) with supplies and materials for simulations and skills training. Faculty leading the lab course will check the contents of the bin(s) prior to the commencement of each course to ensure that the supplies and materials are relevant to the course content
  • Dispose of all sharps in the sharps containers. Do not rewrap or repackage a tray/kit which has been used by students or faculty in the NRC with used sharps in it
  • Please submit all requests for additional supplies and materials to Jenny Nanson. Any items purchased by faculty will no longer be reimbursed
  • Faculty or students will notify Jenny Nanson (or in her absence, Dr. Garbutt) of all broken or malfunctioning equipment. Any equipment that is broken or malfunctioning should immediately be removed from use and tagged until it is repaired


  • Please ask Jenny Nanson for assistance in obtaining supplies in the supply room. This will assist us in maintaining supply level and keeping the supply room organized
  • A detailed plan of where supplies, materials and equipment are to be set out in the sim lab must be received on Friday of the preceding week (via email to Jenny at Lab supplies will be placed at the front of the room if no email is sent to allow faculty to set out the lab themselves

Clean Up

  • Faculty please ensure all users of the NRC leave the room(s) in the condition in which it was found. At the conclusion of your lab please remind students to straighten the beds, replace equipment to the original space after ensuring its cleanliness, place their trash in waste baskets and put chairs in the original positions at the tables
  • We are striving to make the NRC the best that it can be, running with efficiency and enabling learners to enjoy a safe and clean environment in which to learn. We thank you for your help in achieving this goal

NRC Contacts

Susan Garbutt, DNP, RN, CIC, CNE, Clinical Assistant Professor and Nursing Resource Center Coordinator — E-mail: | Telephone: 352-273-6407

Jenny Nanson, RN, BA, Teaching Laboratory Specialist — E-mail: | Telephone: 352-273-6441