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Student Policies and Handbooks


Policy Number Policy Name Updated/Reviewed
S1-01 Student Health Policy 06/13
S1-02 Student Grievance Procedure 10/10
S1-03 Student Grade Appeals 11/15
S1-04 Student Computer Policy 11/15
S1-05 Tuition Waivers for College of Nursing Courses 09/10
S1-06 Community Service Award 01/11
S1-07 Student Research Achievement Award 01/11
S1-08 Student Scholarships 03/13
S1-09 Removal of Students from Clinical Settings 06/14
S1-10 College Support for Student Research Presentations 12/10
S1-11 Clinical Incident Policy 06/13
S1-12 Student Academic Honesty Guidelines 06/14
S1-13 Assignment of Incomplete Grades 06/13
S1-14 Student’s Request: Research Assistant Positions 10/10
S1-16 Missed Classes or Clinical Experiences 06/13
S1-17 Security Requirements for Students 08/11
S1-18 Student Selection for International Travel 01/12
S1-19 Academic Jeopardy Policy 04/13
S1-20 Student Social Networking Policy 06/14


Policy Number Policy Name Updated/Reviewed
S2-01 Admission to Upper Division Baccalaureate Nursing Program 12/09
S2-02 Academic Advising of Upper Division Baccalaureate Nursing Students 02/13
S2-03 Progression for Baccalaureate Degree Students 09/13
S2-04 Undergraduate Honors Program 11/15
S2-05 Baccalaureate Benchmark Examination Policy 07/15
S2-15 Application for Out-of-Sequence Progression for Baccalaureate Degree Students 03/10


Policy Number Policy Name Updated/Reviewed
S3-01 Admission to Master of Science in Nursing Program 04/14
S3-02 Academic Advising of Master’s Degree Students 03/10
S3-03 Change in Track for Master’s Degree Students 04/13
S3-04 Examination Requirements for Master’s Degree Students 06/11
S3-06 Post-Master’s Admission and Non-Degree Student Registration 10/10
S3-07 Variations in Progression Policy for Master’s Degree Students 06/14
S3-08 Academic Progression for MSN and Postmaster’s Students 03/10


Policy Number Policy Name Updated/Reviewed
S4-01 Admission to Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Science Program 04/14
S4-02 Progression in Doctoral Studies: Annual and Other Evaluation 10/12
S4-03 Minimum Dissertation Credits 10/12
S4-04 Doctoral Qualifying Examination and Admission to Candidacy 09/13
S4-07 Supervisory Chair and Committee for Doctoral Students 12/12
S4-09 Progression Examination Guidelines for Doctoral Students 12/09
S4-10 Doctoral Student Mentoring 06/13
S4-13 Funding for CON PhD Students 03/13


Policy Number Policy Name Updated/Reviewed
S5-01 Admission to Doctor of Nursing Practice Program 04/14
S5-02 Academic Advising of DNP Degree Students 03/10
S5-03 Change in Track for DNP Students 04/13
S5-07 Variations in Progression Policy for Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree Students 03/10
S5-08 Academic Progression for DNP Degree Students 03/10
S5-09 Supervisory Committee for DNP Program Project 07/15