Gator Nurse Honored in the Gator100

Gator100 Graphic

A UF College of Nursing alumna was honored February 28 as a Gator100 elite entrepreneur at a reception and awards luncheon as part of the University of Florida Alumni Association’s annual Gator100 honor roll.

Alumni from the University of Florida have created and guided some of the most innovative and profitable businesses in the nation and world, and the College of Nursing is proud that Shari Costantini (BSN 1988) was recognized in the 2020 Gator100 for her entrepreneurial efforts, making this her second time being honored for this award. She was last honored in 2018.

Each year, the Gator100 program recognizes the 100 fastest-growing, Gator-owned or led businesses in the world, and serves as the University of Florida’s premier entrepreneurial awards program. The Gator100 serves not only as a setting where UF’s elite entrepreneurs can gather and share their talents and wisdom, but as an inspiration to fellow Gators to be a part of this exclusive group.


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