College of Nursing PhD Student Joins with UF College of Medicine Researcher to Develop CTSI Project

Congratulations to Gator Nursing PhD student Jennifer Pruitt and her College of Medicine research collaborator Aditya Mahadevan for receiving project funding through the Clinical and Translational Science Institute TL1 Predoctoral Training Program and being named CTS Trainees! The program uses a team-science approach and provides mentoring and didactic training for predoctoral students performing clinical and/or translational research in health-related fields at UF.

“The TL1 Program has been wonderful in helping develop this collaboration and augmenting our individual work with a project that wouldn’t be possible without the involvement of both of our groups,” Mahadevan said.

In the team’s project, titled “Fetal Hyperinsulinism in Diabetic Pregnancy: Effects on the Vasculature and Early Life,” the pair will examine glucose levels in babies born to diabetic pregnancies, as well as how this affects the function of fetal blood vessels.  The project combines elements from both of their research – Jennifer’s College of Nursing research examines treatment for low glucose levels in infants while Aditya’s College of Medicine work studies congenital heart defects in babies of diabetic mothers.

“The TL1 Program is great for developing collaboration across the disciplines. I am honored to be able to work with amazing scientists and I am excited to see how our research collaboration can translate into practice,” Pruitt said.