Meet ‘The City Girls’: Gator Nursing Friends for Life

In honor of this Friday’s graduation and pinning ceremonies, learn how senior BSN students Robre’ana Hutchinson, Gabriela Molina, Adrian Santana and Rose Termidor established a friend group that saw them travel their Gator Nursing journey, together!

(left) Adrian, Rose, Robre’ana and Gabriela.

When did you first meet?

We met in our Pathopharm 1 class. Dr. Allison Peters told us to get in groups and we happened to be sitting next to each other by chance. So, we formed a group together and came up with a creative name, “The Code Name Gators Next Door, which has since evolved to “The City Girls,” because we’re all from big cities. 

How was it to go through the BSN program together?

We were all shy and did not know anyone else in the program, so we all stuck together from the first week. Our friendship grew when we decided to form a study group and spent hours at Library West teaching and testing each other on content. This continued for four semesters! We truly could not have made it through this program without each other. Having a support system of people who understand what you’re going through mentally made nursing school better.

What do you hope to do after graduation?

Robre’ana will be working as a pediatric nurse in North Carolina and then applying to the UF DNP program next year. Adrian will be working as a cardiac nurse on a medical surgical unit in Boston. Rose will be working in an intensive care unit in West Palm Beach, then apply to a certified registered nurse anesthetist in two years. Gabriela will be working as an emergency room nurse in Fort Lauderdale. We will all be long-distance best friends supporting each other from different parts of the East Coast.

What is your favorite memory at the College of Nursing together?

Our favorite memory together is the first time our friendship transitioned from school friends to forever best friends. Adrian taught us about anticholinergics by having us act out a scene in the library. Later that night, we went to get birria tacos and had a karaoke night to destress. Since then, we’ve been inseparable!