Congratulations, Moffitt Awardees!

Gainesville Awardees
Gainesville Campus Awardees

Congratulations to our Gainesville and Jacksonville Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing students for participating in Moffit Cancer Center Nurse Residency and scholarship program! These students will receive a $20,600 scholarship, contingent on their pledge to sign a 24-month employment commitment with Moffitt.

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Jacksonville Campus Awardees

After graduating, these students will participate in a one-year oncology program fellowship at a Moffit Cancer Center location. Through precepted clinical experiences, as well as lecture simulation and reflection, scholarship recipients will enjoy both on-the-job training and a guided transition to a professional nursing career.

Congratulations to all of our awardees:

Angie Hogan

April P.

Avery Evelyn Dodge

Danielle Bishop

Duna Calixte

Elena Brustoski

Gillian Kovacs

Hailey Hacker

Jordana Friedli

Joslyn Sofia Massie

Lauren Elizabeth Droske

Makenzi Cambeliza Walden

Sydney Elise Richardson

Wesley James Dennis

Yareli Gomez