UF Nursing Faculty Expand Campus Health Care Access

UF College of Nursing students may have noticed few familiar faces at the Student Health Care Center on campus this semester.

Thanks to a collaboration between UF College of Nursing faculty and the UF SHCC, nursing faculty now serve as providers at the clinic during the busy fall and spring semesters, increasing the number of patients who are seen during periods of higher demand.

This partnership, which has now been renewed for a second academic year, allows college faculty to implement real-life lessons learned from clinical practice into instruction for students, as well as supervise Doctor of Nursing Practice students who participate in a clinical rotation at the center.

Clinical Assistant Professor Bryce Catarelli, DNP, APRN, FNP-C, and a team of researchers recently reported the success of the academic-practice partnership to The Journal for Nurse Practitioners. In the coming months, she and her group hope to not only continue, but also strengthen this partnership.

“It’s offered an exciting opportunity to provide practice opportunities for our faculty and preceptor availability for our students. We look forward to continuing discussions on ways we can continue to build this relationship further given the heightened faculty interest in joining student health,” she said.