Nominate a Gator Nursing Preceptor!

The UF College of Nursing is grateful for our Gator Nursing Preceptors who lead the way in shaping the future of nursing through their dedication and expertise. Our preceptors play a crucial role in the education and professional development of our nursing students, providing them with invaluable real-world experience and guidance.

To express our heartfelt thanks and recognize the outstanding contributions of our preceptors, we are now accepting nominations for the Preceptor of the Year award. This is your opportunity to acknowledge a preceptor who has made a significant impact on the educational journey of Gator Nurses.

Nomination Deadline: July 26

Please fill out the form below to nominate a deserving preceptor. Your participation is vital in highlighting the importance of our preceptors and celebrating their exceptional efforts.


  • Please provide a current email where we may contact you with any questions.
  • Please input the semester and year (ex: Spring 2024)