May 2022

Dear Gator Nurses,

As the summer semester begins, I want to first congratulate all of our spring graduates and graduating seniors, as well as welcome our Accelerated BSN Class of 2023. While nursing school is a busy four semesters of class, lab and clinicals, I truly encourage you all to explore the many UF College of Nursing organizations available to you. I say this as these organizations were created for one reason, to help YOU! From meeting a diverse network of people, to expanding my nursing knowledge and furthering my professional growth, these organizations have been invaluable aspects of my education. Please look through the many opportunities to find more information and discover something that speaks to your interests and passions.

Katie Troshinsky (BSN 2023)

UFSNA Vice President


Gator Nursing Summer Plans

This summer, I will be working as a nurse intern at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. I will be spending my time paired alongside a nurse preceptor for 10 weeks in a 37-bed Cardiac Surgery progressive care unit. This unit is unique as it takes in adult and pediatric patients from not just around the country who need heart surgery, but around the world. Our patient population includes coronary bypass grafts, valve repairs, VADs and congenital heart defect repairs.

I am very excited to immerse myself in this nursing practice for 10 weeks! Not only do I get to work alongside an amazing nurse mentor every shift, but we also get “learning days” in various other units across Mayo Clinic. I cannot wait for this opportunity to care for these patients, learn everything there is to know about the heart and grow professionally as a future nurse!

-Katie Troshinsky (BSN 2023)


This summer, I am going to be working as a medical intern in Peru. I am traveling with Volunteers Around the World and will be working in a local clinic in Cusco, taking vitals and gathering patient information. I will also be participating in an education day in which I will go to a local school and teach a health promotion topic. I am so grateful to participate and very excited for this opportunity!

-Skylar Eldar (BSN 2023)


UFSNA Conference

The University of Florida Student Nursing Association Executive Board had the opportunity to attend the national organization's 70th anniversary convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. At the convention, they attended NCLEX Review sessions, discussed improving safety for student nurses in the clinical setting and learned about how future nurses can make an impact on health care, just to name a few things! Best of all, they were able to represent Gator Nurses and encourage further representation of UF Nursing at the national level in the future!


2022 Research Summit and Malasanos Lectureship

Following a two-year interval that saw a cancelation and a virtual event, the University of Florida College of Nursing’s Research Summit and Malasanos Lectureship returned to an in-person format for its 18th edition in 2022. This event marked the first face-to-face event at the college since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more.


Nurses Leading Change Address

Dear Gator Nurses,

I want to begin by congratulating our new Accelerated BSN Class of 2023 students on their acceptance, as well as our BSN class of 2022 on their graduation. The UF College of Nursing offers many opportunities for involvement such as a variety of student organizations. Specifically, Nurses Leading Change empowers individuals of marginalized communities to speak and be heard. We have open discussions about a nurse’s role in addressing determinants of health. Recently, we had a fundraiser at March for Child-Life Services at UF Health and donated arts and crafts supplies, stuffed animals, Legos and nail polish. This is one of many community projects that Nurses Leading Change is proud of. If this organization interests you, now is the time to join! We have executive board and committee positions open. We look forward to welcoming all of our new members. You can apply here.


Kylie Stojak

NLC Vice President



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If you have information for The HeartBeat newsletter, send it to one of the College of Nursing's student organizations!

Nurses Leading Change: Kylie Stojak, vice president

University of Florida Student Nursing Association: Katie Troshinsky, president


Have a great start of the semester, Gator Nurses!

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