CLI Day- Information for DNP students

Information for DNP Students

1- DNP students starting projects next semester will meet with faculty prior to the poster session to discuss project interests and identify possible project chairs.

2- Graduating DNP students will present their projects at the poster session. DNP graduates are expected to submit an abstract and present at Care Lead, Inspire Day unless they have arranged an alternative project presentation event with their chairs.

Click here to submit abstracts.

Abstracts are due by OCTOBER 10, 2016.

Abstract template

Once abstracts are submitted, someone will notify you of acceptance. Please then design and print your poster and be prepared to deliver to event between 12:30-1:00 pm on November 9.  Instructions for poster design and poster templates are available on your canvas site. YOU are responsible for the development and printing of your poster, which should be sized at 3’x5′. All fees for printing are incurred by student.

Poster Printing Instructions

Here are some instructions for printing locally.

On campus:

  1. Architecture Lab, Room 118, Inner Road (352-392-1009)
  • $15 for 3×5 (Call for current pricing)
  • You’ll need your Gatorlink ID
  • Fee charged to student account
  1. Academic Technology at the Hub, Room 224
  • $15 for 3×5; (call for current pricing)

Off campus:

  1. Target Copy, 1412 West University Avenue (352-376-3826)
  • $28.95 per poster (call for current pricing)

4. A local vendor of your choice.