Care, Lead, Inspire Week May 11 – 15

Staff Council Executive Board Presents

The First Annual Care, Lead, Inspire Week

Opt-In Below by May 8, 2020


Be a Care, Lead, and Inspire Week “Nightingale”!

Become a UF College of Nursing “Nightingale” for another CON staff or faculty member for the week. During the week show that person that you CARE, help them LEAD, and / or INSPIRE them.

Giving is a powerful way to bring bliss into the world. It can be anything. Nightingale ideas in action could be:

  • sending an extra cheerful good morning
  • a link to their favorite music
  • giving a compliment
  • a good book that you think they would enjoy
  • doing a favor without being asked
  • sending an inspiring e- card, just because
  • a simple note of appreciation
  • sending a “thinking of you” email

At the end of the week, we will have a fun Zoom Lunch.

During these unusual times when we can’t give in-person hugs or smiles, it is more important than ever that we help each other and lift each other up whenever and however we can.

Join us and help everyone in the College of Nursing be the best at Caring, Leading and Inspiring!

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