Christa L. Cook, PhD, MSN, RN, APHN-BC

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University of Florida
PO Box 100197,
Gainesville, FL 32610-0197
HPNP 4204

Telephone: 352-273-6350
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Dr. Cook teaches a variety of clinical, didactic, and online courses across three different degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. While she has taught a range of didactic topics at the College of Nursing (community and population health, theory and research, health policy, professional socialization), her teaching expertise and passion lies in qualitative methods. She teaches the foundations course in qualitative research methods and has also offered a summer course in qualitative field methods.


Dr. Cook’s training in public health nursing has influenced her interest in social science and behavioral health research. Public health nurses have a strong understanding of the individual patient, population health, and systems of care delivery that may impact prevention, engagement, and retention in HIV care. She began to build her program of research while a doctoral student at UF and has worked closely with HIV advocates, providers, researchers, and consumers to address improving care engagement and transitions across the HIV care continuum. After her first year at UF, she competed for and received a competitive UF CTSI Training and Research Academy for Clinical and Translational Sciences (TRACTS) fellowship which has provided access to mentors and additional training in grant preparation. She is currently preparing an application to merge state surveillance databases and she seeks to longitudinally examine substance use and HIV care outcomes using population-based data. Dr. Cook also serves as a core faculty member in the Southern HIV Alcohol Research Consortium (SHARC) Center for Translational HIV Research at UF (NIAAA – U24 AA022002), which involves collaboration with faculty across Florida as well as frequent contact with the Florida Department of Health. Finally, Dr. Cook is working on a project to examine how bio-behavioral mechanisms may be associated with retention in HIV care.


At the national level, Dr. Cook is the chair of the research committee in the American Public Health Association’s Public Health Nursing section. Community involvement has been very important in her research and Dr. Cook has served on the board of local (Area 3/13)Ryan White Care Consortium for over 8 years. She also represented Area 3/13 at the State of Florida Department of Health HIV Prevention Planning Group for two years. She contributes to shared governance at the College of Nursing by serving on the faculty senate.

Area of Expertise

HIV, transitions in care, surveillance data, qualitative methods, public health, substance use, mental health, community-engaged research methods.


  • University of Florida, Nursing Sciences with Minor in Public Health – Ph.D. – 2013
  • University of Florida – Public Health Nursing – MSN – 2010
  • University of North Carolina Chapel Hill – Nursing- BSN with Honors – 1996
  • University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Psychology – BA – 1990

Selected Publications

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