Faculty Governance

The College of Nursing at the University of Florida has an active faculty governance system which promotes mutual involvement of the faculty and administration in planning, implementing and evaluating all college programs. The Faculty Organization, as a part of the total University, functions within the framework outlined in the rules of the University in the Florida Administrative Code and the University of Florida Constitution.

Among its other duties:

  • Recommend policy to the Dean of the College. The faculty has a major responsibility to formulate policy recommendations in all academic matters.
  • Facilitate the orderly accomplishment of the College of Nursing mission.
  • Debate and deliberate issues related to nursing and health care.
  • Review curricula and promotion and tenure procedures.

The Faculty Organization is comprised of different representative committees for various areas of the college. The chairs of these committees then form the Faculty Executive Committee. This Executive Committee has a variety of duties including, but not limited to, monitoring and coordinating progress of committees in relation to the Mission and Goals of the College; recommending policies to the Dean and/or Administrative Council; receiving, considering, referring and approving matters submitted in writing to the Council including recommendations from Standing Committees, Special Committees, or individual faculty members.

The 2017-2018 Faculty Executive Committee

Note: elections currently in process for the 2018-19 Faculty Executive Committee
  • Charlene Krueger – President, Faculty Organization
  • Sunny Yoon – Chair, Academic Affairs Committee
  • Sandra Citty – Chair, Research and Scholarship Committee

At-Large Members

  • Leslie Parker
  • Rose Nealis
  • Allison Peters

To access the full current Faculty Organization Bylaws, click here