Jane Gannon, DNP, CNM, CNL

Clinical Assistant Professor

University of Florida
653 West 8th Street, Bldg. 1, 3rd Floor
Jacksonville, FL 32209

Telephone: 904-244-5166
Fax: 904-244-3246
Email: jmgannon@ufl.edu


Dr. Gannon is the Director of Simulation at the College of Nursing. She collaborates with faculty members and others to identify, develop, implement and evaluate simulation based activities on both the Gainesville and Jacksonville campuses. In addition, she is the Track Coordinator for the online R.N. to B.S.N. program at the College of Nursing.


Dr. Gannon collaborates with faculty members from the colleges of pharmacy and medicine on the Jacksonville campus on education research focused on interprofessional care delivery. Their joint efforts have produced simulations on end-of-life care and medication management safety using TeamSTEPPS competencies. Their collaboration extends to publications and presentations on their simulation efforts as well.


Dr. Gannon is a member of the Academic Affairs Committee 2015-17 at the College of Nursing, and is a member of the University of Florida Committee on Committees. She also chairs the Northeast Region of the Florida Healthcare Simulation Alliance.

Dr. Gannon is currently an item writer for the national C.N.L. certification exam, administered by the Commission on Nurse Certification, an autonomous arm of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing.

Clinical Practice Area/Expertise

Dr. Gannon’s area of expertise is midwifery and women’s health. Her clinical interests are in measuring and evaluating both process based and patient oriented outcomes of care.


Dr. Gannon received her B.N. in Nursing at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She received her M.S.N. in Nursing/ Midwifery at the University of Miami and her D.N.P. from Rush University in Chicago, Illinois.

Selected Publications

  • Gannon, J. (2017). Commentary on a participatory inquiry paradigm used to assess EOL simulation participant outcomes and design. Israel Journal of Health Policy, 6, 62.
  • Gannon, J., Motycka, C., Egelund, E., Kraemer, D., Smith, W.T., & Solomon, K. (2017). Teaching end-of-life care using interprofessional simulation. Journal of Nursing Education, 56(4), 205-210.
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