Retired Faculty Directory

Dean Emeritus

Kathleen Ann Long, PhD, RN

Years of Service: 18
Area of Focus: Psychiatric nursing

Dean Long

Associate Professor EMERITUS

Andrea Gregg, PhD, RN

Years of Service: 29
Area of Focus: Nursing administration

Andrea Gregg


Carol Hayes-Christensen, PhD, MEd

Years of Service: 30
Area of Focus: Care of the adult- Med/Surg, history of nursing and professional relationships

Associate Professor EMERITUS

Claydell Horne, PhD

Years of Service: 11
Area of Focus: Adult health

Assistant Professor Emeritus

Jo “Jodi” Annalee Irving, MS, PMHNP, CS

Years of Service: 47
Area of Focus: Psychiatric mental health nursing

Jodi Update

Associate Professor emeritus

Charlene Krueger, PhD, APRN, CNE

Years of Service: 19
Area of Focus: Early developmental exposure to sound

Charlene K

Clinical Associate Professor Emeritus


Years of Service: 24
Area of Focus: Pediatrics, graduate and undergraduate nursing education


Clinical Professor Emeritus

Pamela Pieper, PhD, ARNP

Years of Service: 26
Area of Focus: Pediatrics

Pamela Pieper, PhD, ARNP

Clinical Associate Professor EMERITUS

Susan D Schaffer PhD, APRN, FNP-BC

Years of Service: 18
Area of Focus: Teaching, clinical practice, research (asthma medication adherence, medication interactions, herbal medications)

susan schaffer

Associate Professor Emeritus

Jo Snider, EdD, EdS, RN, CNS

Years of Service: 47
Area of Focus: Psychiatric mental health nursing ethics

jo snider 3

Associate Professor Emeritus

Sharleen Simpson, BSN, MSN, MA, PhD

Years of Service: 25
Area of Focus: Women’s Health, international health

sharleen s

Professor Emeritus

Joyce Stechmiller, PhD APRN, FAAN

Years of Service: 43
Area of Focus: Wound Science focused on biobehavioral frameworks for older adults with chronic wounds impacting healing

stech crop

Professor Emeritus

David Williams, BSN, MN, PhD

Years of Service: 30
Area of Focus: Pediatric primary care

Executive Associate Dean & associate Professor Emeritus

Myra Dee Williams, PhD, MSN, BSN

Years of Service: 35
Area of Focus: Psychiatric-mental health nursing and higher education administration

Dee Williams