Yingwei Yao, PhD

Research Associate Professor

PO Box 100187
Gainesville, FL 32610-0187
HPNP 2203

Telephone: 352-273-6372
Fax: 352-273-6505
Email: y.yao@ufl.edu


Dr. Yao’s research interests include:

  • Statistical analysis, including statistical inference, regression, multi-level modeling, longitudinal analysis, study design and power analysis
  • Machine learning, including clustering, classification, decision tree, splines, kernel methods, and various other supervised and unsupervised learning techniques


Dr. Yao is a biostatistical reviewer for the Cancer Prevention and Control Subcommittee of the Cancer Center’s Scientific Review and Monitoring Committee.

Areas of Expertise

Dr. Yao has expertise in study design, power analysis, including longitudinal analysis and missing data processing; machine learning, including dimensionality reduction, model estimation, selection, validation, and testing.


Dr. Yao earned his doctorate degree in Information Sciences and Systems from Princeton University in 2002.

Selected Publications

  • Jhun, EH, Hu, X, Sadhu, N, Yao, Y, He, Y, Wilkie, DJ, Molokie, RE, and Wang, ZJ. (In press, 2018). Transient receptor potential polymorphism and haplotype associate with crisis pain in sickle cell disease, Pharmacogenomics.
  • Molokie, R. E., Montminy, C., Dionisio, C., Farooqui, M. A., Gowhari, M., Yao, Y., … & Wilkie, D. J. (2018). Opioid doses and acute care utilization outcomes for adults with sickle cell disease: ED versus acute care unit. The American journal of emergency medicine, 36(1), 88-92.
  • Ezenwa, M.O., Molokie, R.E., Wang, Z.J., Yao, Y., Suarez, M.L., Dyal, B., Abudawood, K., & Wilkie, D.J. (In press, November 2017). Differences in Sensory Pain, Expectation, and Satisfaction Reported by Outpatients with Cancer or Sickle Cell Disease. Pain Management Nursing.
  • Lyon, D. E., Starkweather, A., Yao, Y., Garrett, T., Kelly, D. L., Menzies, V., … & Jackson-Cook, C. (2017). Pilot Study of Metabolomics and Psychoneurological Symptoms in Women With Early Stage Breast Cancer. Biological research for nursing, 1099800417747411.
  • Schlaeger, J. M., Molokie, R. E., Yao, Y., Suarez, M. L., Golembiewski, J., Wilkie, D. J., & Votta-Velis, G. (2017). Management of Sickle Cell Pain Using Pregabalin: A Pilot Study. Pain Management Nursing, 18(6), 391-400.
  • Yao, Y., Ahn, B., Stifter, J., Wilkie, D.J. & Keenan, G.M. (In press). Continuity index measures in the acute care hospital setting: An analytic review and tests using electronic health record data and computer simulation. Journal of Nursing Measurement