Over 40 authored or co-authored papers published in the last three years

6 Nurse researchers collaborating together

Broad foci Mechanistic studies to systems-level research

College of Nursing

INSPIRE Laboratory

Our mission: To improve health outcomes of individuals and families managing acute and chronic conditions by leveraging biobehavioral interactions for personalized care and eradicating sociopolitical and structural barriers.

inspire lab group

If you are interested in participating in a study or collaborating on research, please contact Dr. Kelly or Dr. Starkweather.

Our lab team

Principal Investigators

Debra Lynch Kelly

Debra Lynch Kelly PhD, RN, OCN, CNE, FAAN

Associate Dean For Academic Affairs – Undergraduate Education And Associate Professor
Angela Starkweather

Angela Starkweather PhD, ACNP-BC, FAANP, FAAN

Chamings Professor & Assistant Dean For Research Development


PhD student

Shuruq Alsayed

Area of Interest: Mental health and well-being, psychosocial and psychiatric; autism 

PhD Student

Alexandria Carey

Area of Interest: Emergency medicine

alex carey

PhD Student

Elham Samami Kodiji


PhD Student

Aliya Bai

Area of Interest: Non-pharmacological interventions for cancer pain management


BSN Student

Nicholas Moyer

Area of interest: New methods of care and intervention for chemotherapy patients


BSN Student

Chloe Bensch

chloe b

BSN Student

Chloe McKinnon

chloe mck


Joseph Fetta
Department: Biobehavioral Nursing Science

Joseph Fetta PhD, RN, CNRN



External Collaborations

Indoor Air Quality Initiative (UConn)

Mission: To empower the public with the know-how to clean their own indoor air to actively reduce their exposure to airborne infectious disease, mold, dust and chemical pollutants, all of which which can worsen asthma symptoms.

In addition to sharing these crucial tools with the public, we are further studying this solution to determine how well and for how long these DIY air filters work in real world settings.


Debra Lynch Kelly PhD, RN, OCN, CNE, FAAN


Angela Starkweather PhD, ACNP-BC, FAANP, FAAN