Faculty Practice

The College of Nursing maintains and participates in nursing and interdisciplinary clinics for women, children, adults and the elderly with special emphasis on underserved and rural populations through faculty practice. In 1998, the college became the first Florida college of nursing to incorporate as a nonprofit Faculty Practice Association, which generates income to strengthen the college’s educational and research programs and provides financial incentives to practicing faculty members.

Most of the settings in which faculty members practice focus on rural and underserved populations. Patients include those with chronic illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, pregnant women, cancer patients, patients with chronic back pain, families, children, psychiatric/mental health patients and pediatric trauma patients.

Faculty practice sites serve as extended classrooms for both undergraduate and graduate nursing students who join faculty members in providing care. Having students at the practice sites provides the students with valuable learning experiences, and practicing faculty members are better teachers because of the currency of their practices and they are able to maintain national certification requirements.

Agencies with which the college partners include the Maternal-Infant Care Clinic in Reddick; the UF Shands Eastside Community Practice in Gainesville, WellFlorida Council’s HIV/AIDS clinics throughout north and central Florida; and the UF College of Medicine’s Division of Neonatology.