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Charlene A Krueger, PhD, RN


Department: Biobehavioral Nursing Science
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About Charlene A Krueger


Dr. Krueger teaches philosophy of science to PhD students and women’s health nursing to undergraduate students.


Dr. Krueger conducts research on early developmental exposure to sound, specifically maternal voice. She began with investigating maternal voice because, within the normal uterine environment, maternal speech provides a predominant, unique source of multi-modal sensory stimulation (auditory, vibratory, and vestibular) for the developing fetus. For the preterm infant, however, this unique source of sensory stimulation (mother’s voice) is primarily lost, since the mother visits are limited, and the infant is continually exposed to the elevated levels of light and sound in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Krueger’s long-term goal is to use these comparisons between the fetus and preterm infant to improve the health of preterm infants, through the development and testing of interventions optimizing on the benefits of maternal stimulation.

SERVICE Dr. Krueger is an affiliate to the Infant Development Research Center directed toward promoting collaborative research in the area of early human and nonhuman perception. She is a member of the International Society of Developmental Psychobiology, the International Society on Infant Studies, and Southern Nursing Research Society. She has reviewed for international journals on the topics of intersensory functioning and exposure to sound in the fetus and preterm infant and published her work in national and international peer-reviewed journals.


Dr. Krueger completed her PhD at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she minored in Developmental Psychology. She completed her Master’s of Science in Nursing with a minor in Behavioral Psychology at the University of Florida. Her Bachelor’s in Nursing was completed at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Research Profile

Biobehavioral measure in the premature infant and fetus.

Dr. Krueger has established the groundwork for her research by gaining expertise in measures of heart rate variability, early learning capabilities, and short-term outcomes necessary for discharging preterm infants from the hospital (e.g., weight gain, days to enteral and oral feeds).


Jul 2007 – Aug 2016
Clinical and Translational Science Institute
UF RESEARCH FOU · Project Manager


2001 · University of North Carolina
Master of Science of Nursing
1991 · University of Florida
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
1978 · University of Wisconsin

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(352) 273-6332