RN to BSN Sample Curriculum Plan

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Course Number


Clinical Hours

1st Semester

NUR 3805 Professional Nursing in the Evolving Healthcare System 3
NUR 3066C Clinical Reasoning: Health Assessment 3 45

2nd Semester

NUR 3123 Pathophysiology and Pharmacology 4
NUR 3826 Legal and  Ethical Issues in Nursing 2

3rd Semester

NUR 3197 Genetics and Genomics in Nursing Practice 2
NUR 3169 Inquiry and Evidence in Professional Nursing Practice 3
NUR 3816 Seminar in Professional Nursing 1

4th Semester

NUR 4636C Clinical Reasoning and Personalized Nursing Care: Population Health 4 45
NUR 4108 Lead and Inspire 3: Policy and Change in Nursing Practice 3

5th Semester

NUR 4827 Lead and Inspire 4: Leadership and Innovation in Nursing Practice 2
NUR 4815 Professional Nursing Transformation 3
Total Credits Earned 30
Hours Awarded for Professional Portfolio* 30
TOTAL 60 90

*Professional Portfolio-: RN to BSN students will be awarded 30 upper-level credit hours in the 5th semester based upon current RN licensure and by satisfying the professional portfolio requirements.