Dual Pediatric Acute and Primary Care Nurse Practitioner

Students will have an opportunity to apply for the dual track upon admission to the DNP program.

The dual pediatric acute and primary care track is designed to prepare students to deliver advanced levels of care to infants, children, and adolescents in diverse pediatric healthcare settings.  The program builds on the foundational knowledge of the primary care nurse practitioner in providing for the well-child, preventive care, health maintenance, and treatment of common pediatric acute and chronic diseases.  The program then extends to prepare the pediatric nurse practitioner to work in an acute care setting to care for children with acute, complex, critical, and complex conditions.  Development of advanced pediatric skills is designed throughout the program to enhance history intake, physical examinations, diagnosing, developing a plan of care, and advanced diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. 

Track Coordinator: Michael Anthony Maymi DNP, APRN, CPNP-AC, CCRN

Progression in advanced practice nursing tracks requires supervised and precepted experience in specialized clinical settings throughout the semester in Florida. Students admitted to advanced practice nursing tracks are advised that they may be required to travel to clinical sites within Florida for these experiences. If unable to do so, progress in the curriculum will be delayed.

Students will be invited to apply to the dual track in the spring semester before starting their clinical courses.