The rita kobb nursing & health informatics symposium Nursing ³ | Nursing data science + nursing implementation science to impact nursing practice

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about the symposium

The University of Florida College of Nursing is hosting the 2025 Rita Kobb Nursing & Health Informatics National Symposium on Friday, Feb. 28, 2025. This Symposium is a bi-yearly lectureship series that explores topics in health and nursing informatics. It will take place at the University of Florida Reitz Union, Gainesville, Florida. 

symposium theme

Through lectures, podium and poster presentations, the 2025 Rita Kobb Nursing & Health Informatics National Symposium will explore the intersection between nursing, data science, implementation science and clinical practice. 

With the theme — Nursing3: (“Nursing” Data Science + “Nursing” Implementation Science) to impact “Nursing” Practice — esteemed keynote speakers will share their knowledge and extensive research and clinical experiences with leveraging data to measure the efficiency, communication and decision-making in health care models and clinical research networks, along with the economic value of nursing practice and leadership.    

With an emphasis on the intersection of data science, implementation science and clinical practice in nursing, we anticipate that the symposium will be a premier venue for showcasing the latest research at the dynamic interface of data/implementation science and patient care. We look forward to your submissions, which we hope will provide a rich program of cutting-edge, innovative approaches in the field of nursing, clinical and translational informatics.

abstract submission

We invite podium and poster presentations submissions on a variety of topics, including:

  1. Data-driven/AI-driven health care delivery: Exploring how data science and AI are transforming nursing practice and health care delivery.
  2. Clinical decision support systems: Developing, implementing and assessing data-driven decision support systems in nursing and health care.
  3. Predictive analytics in nursing: Presenting case studies and research on using predictive analytics to improve patient outcomes and resource allocation in nursing practice.
  4. Data quality and governance: Addressing challenges and best practices in ensuring data quality, privacy and security in nursing informatics.
  5. Patient engagement and empowerment: Discussing how data/implementation science can be used to engage and empower patients in their health care journey.
  6. Interoperability and integration of health care systems: Addressing challenges and opportunities in integrating/interfacing technology with existing electronic health records and other health care information systems.
  7. Educational strategies for data literacy in nursing: Sharing innovative approaches for teaching data literacy and informatics skills to nursing students, nurses and allied health care providers.
  8. Health care equity and disparities: Exploring how data/implementation science can contribute to identifying and addressing health care disparities and promoting health equity in nursing/health care practices.
  9. Quality improvement and performance measurement: Presenting methods and tools for using data/implementation science to drive quality improvement initiatives and measure nursing performance.
  10. Collaboration and interdisciplinary approaches: Fostering collaboration between nursing professionals, clinicians, data/implementation scientists and other stakeholders to advance the field of nursing data/implementation science.

Kobb Symposium – Call for Abstracts

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