Student Pinning & Recognition RSVP Form – Spring 2024

RSVP Form – Pinning Ceremony

  • PINNING & RECOGNITION RSVP FORM for BSN grads – deadline to RSVP is March 15, 2024 at noon EST.
  • This is how your name will appear in the program and be announced at time of pinning. Please leave blank any box that does not apply to you (most likely – middle name and/or suffix).
  • Please enter the phonetic spelling of your FULL name as you would like it announced (example for Alberta Florida Gator: Al-Bur-Tah Floor-id-uh Gay-tor)- include all parts of name as listed above for program, not just the part you may consider difficult to pronounce. PRO TIP – Ask 2 other people that do NOT know you well to try to pronounce your name using only the phonetic spelling you are providing. If they can’t do it without your help, then further thought is needed.
  • Accepted file types: mp3, wav, Max. file size: 125 MB.
    Upload a recording of your voice, slowly pronouncing your FULL name. If unfamiliar, Google how to record audio on you type of phone. This form has a 125 MB max. file size. If yours is larger, please email to
  • This is for your current “” email address.
  • The College of Nursing would like to stay in touch with you after graduation. Please enter your alternate email address (that does not end in
    For this professional nursing ceremony, attire is professional with or without white coat. Most choose to wear their white coat. Regalia is not appropriate. Please note: This is not your Commencement (GRADUATION) Ceremony.
    Staff will determine whether student provided pin is appropriate.
    If yes, please explain in “message to the coordinator” box below.
  • Please approximate the number of guests who will attend to support you (not including yourself). This question is for planning purposes. At this time tickets are not required, and the number of guests is not limited. Should that change, you will be notified via email. If you indicate you intend to also attend the Pomp & Circumstance Celebration, this number will be also used for planning of that activity.
    Regalia MUST be worn to participate in this celebration. Please be sure to order it using the same instructions and deadlines included in Commencement (GRADUATION) communications provided seperately by the UF Director of Commencements. Regalia orders are tied with your Commencement (GRADUATION), which is separate from all UF College of Nursing exclusive activities.
    This question is for informational purposes only and does not serve as your RSVP for Commencement (GRADUATION), which is coordinated separately by the UF Director of Commencements and is not related to the College of Nursing’s Pinning & Recognition Ceremony or Pomp & Circumstance Celebration.
  • Max. file size: 125 MB.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.