Who attends? All degree levels from the University of Florida College of Nursing – BSN, DNP, PhD

Location? Online! Recruiters submit their own Zoom room link and we list for students to drop in/out during the course of the event, just as they would in-person

Why participate?

  • Lower recruiting costs by meeting quality candidates online
  • Interact in your own chat room with the option to invite candidates for future interviews, or if more than one recruiter is co-hosting in your Zoom main room a recruiter and a candidate can be moved to a breakout room for individual conversations
  • Access to registered candidates’ information including exporting electronic resumes (for students who consent for information to be shared)
  • Save time, travel, and staff required to participate in all day, on-site events
  • Eliminate transportation and overhead costs associated with booth design and production

Registration deadline? Feb. 12, 2021

Career Fair - Recruiter Registration

    Following submission of the registration form, payment remittance information will be emailed to the billing contact.
  • Please submit your organization's website. Can be specifically for recruiting, or the general web site.
  • Please submit Zoom link for students to access your virtual room on the date of Career Fair. You may also email this to Yancy Lawrence at at a date not later than registration deadline.
  • If there is additional Zoom access information you wish to share, please enter it here.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
    Please upload organization's high res logo. We will use the logo in our list of participating organizations. On the day of the event, they will be hyperlinked to your Zoom link for attendees to join your room. JPEG or EPS formats are encouraged. You may also email this to at a date not later than the registration deadline.
  • Examples - hospital, military, youth camp, home health care, etc...
  • Examples - Worldwide, National, State of Florida, SE United States, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Miami, etc...
    Choose all of the areas of interest offered by your organization.
  • Enter any areas of interest not offered in list above.