Pinning Ceremony – Summer 2024

  • WHEN:
    Friday, August 9, 2024, at 9:00 a.m. (please note the date/time referenced on the UF Commencement site is not correct)
    Doors open at 8:00 a.m.; students report to the Friends of Music Room by 8:15 a.m.; all others are seated by 8:45 a.m.; processional at 9:00 a.m.
  • WHERE:
    University Auditorium
    333 Newell Dr, Gainesville, FL (on the campus of the University of Florida)
    1. PIN ORDER SYSTEM IS NOW CLOSED – The deadline to order was noon on June 10th at noon (EST). An email with detailed instructions was sent directly to the graduates.
    2. STUDENT RSVP SYSTEM IS NOW CLOSED – The extended deadline closed June 11th at noon (EST).
    • COLLEGE CEREMONY – The Pinning Ceremony is a ceremony welcoming graduating seniors to the profession of Nursing, specifically for Nursing undergraduates to mark their transition into the Nursing profession, hosted by the College of Nursing and the UF College of Nursing Alumni Council. It is NOT the Commencement (aka – Graduation) Ceremony. Students will each have their names called and walk across the stage to be pinned by members of our Alumni Council. Due to logistical reasons, only Alumni Council members are permitted to pin. Business professional attire is expected. White coats are preferred, but not required. Cords and stoles are permitted. Academic regalia is not suitable.
    • UNIVERSITY CEREMONY (this is the ONLY Graduation ceremony for undergraduates) – The Commencement Ceremony is THE GRADUATION CEREMONY for all University of Florida undergraduates, hosted by the Office of the President. It is the graduation ceremony, where a nationally recognized speaker participates, individuals are recognized, academic regalia is required and a degree is conferred by the UF President.


The concept of the nursing pin dates back to the Crusades when the Knights Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem displayed the Maltese Cross on their uniforms. Following the Crusades, some of the Crusaders noted the excellent nursing care provided by the Hospital of Saint John and decided to join the nursing group. Over the centuries, various schools and craft guilds adopted symbols to use on buttons, badges or shields to represent their training, wisdom, strength, courage and faith.

In 1880, Florence Nightingale chose the Maltese cross as the badge to be worn by the graduates of her first school of nursing. As the profession of nursing developed, each school chose a unique pin to be awarded to students completing their programs. The pin then became a public symbol of excellence worn on nurses’ uniforms. Often, the pins first were put on at a “pinning” ceremony during graduation activities.

Graduates continue to purchase their colleges’ pins to wear after graduation. The unique pin provides an outstanding way to display pride in achievements and easily identifies each nurse’s alma mater to others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check-In – BSN Graduates

Participating students MUST REPORT to the Friends of Music Room, located on the 2nd floor of the University Auditorium (UA) no later than 8:15 a.m. on Friday, August 9. All personal items (including phone, purse, etc.) should be left with your guest(s) prior to reporting to the Music Room, or you will not be permitted to pick up your pin. You will pick up your pin during the check-in process in Music Room, prior to the Pinning Ceremony on August 9.

Pin Card

Attire – Pinning Ceremony

Pinning CeremonyProfessional business attire is expected to participate in this ceremony, which marks a milestone in the transition to your professional career. You are encouraged to also wear your white coat, but it is optional. RN to BSN students who do not have a white coat may contact Lyndsay Ulmer at for details on how to order by June 10. You may also use a white coat you already own, or may decide not to wear one (as they are optional). Academic regalia is not suitable for this ceremony, however stoles and cords are permitted.

Ladies: Please note that you are being pinned so should you choose to wear a dress with thin straps, pair it with a cardigan or cover-up (or white coat) so that there is sufficient material to affix the pin. Also, remember that you will be walking up steps and across an elevated stage, so please wear shoes with a professional heel height and skirts/dresses of appropriate length.


Guest Information

Tickets are REQUIRED for guest admission, and will be provided to participating students prior to the event. Students are responsible for distributing tickets to their guests. Guests MUST be seated in the University Auditorium no later than 8:45 a.m. At the conclusion of ceremony, students will recess all of the way out of the building. Please arrange a “meeting spot” with student/guests prior to the ceremony, as students will not be permitted to carry a cell phone with them during the ceremony. The venue is ADA accessible.

Parking details will be provided to the students prior to the ceremony. They are responsible for providing this information to their guests.

Pinning Guest Pic

For questions regarding the Pinning Ceremony, please contact:

Yancy J Lawrence
Department: College of Nursing Dean’s Office

Yancy J Lawrence

Development & Alumni Affairs Coordinator
Phone: (352) 273-6571