Honors Program

The purpose of the Honors Program is to provide a unique and challenging experience for traditional BSN students who have exhibited exceptional academic ability and recognize academic excellence.

Incoming senior BSN students who anticipate graduating with a College of Nursing GPA of 3.7 may apply for the Honors Program. The Honors Program provides an opportunity to complete a project culminating in a formal thesis under the supervision of a faculty mentor. A three-credit honors seminar course (NUR 4935) is required in the spring semester of the senior year. The presentation of the honors project, submission of the thesis to the University Library Repository, and a final GPA commensurate with University guidelines are required for graduating with honors.

The College of Nursing requires that students participate in a the honors program to graduate with honors.

Program Description and Criteria


College of Nursing GPA of 3.6 calculated from the first semester of entry into the College of Nursing and a cumulative GPA of 3.7 are the minimum requirement for application to the Honors Program.

Prior to Applying

Students seeking entry into the honors program will need to identify a broad area of interest for developing a project under the guidance of a faculty mentor.


Please complete the following application and submit it to Amanda Goldsmith (amanda.goldsmith@ufl.edu) by April 1, 2024. College of Nursing Honors Application.



Students who are accepted into the honors program will be assigned to a faculty mentor. Students should contact their assigned faculty mentor by the end of spring semester to discuss the project and expectations. Work on the honors project will start the fall semester of the senior year with additional preparation during the summer at the faculty mentor’s direction. Students will need to register for NUR 4935: Honors Seminar in Nursing course in Spring 2025.

Course Design

The honors project provides an opportunity for students to engage in mentored research under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Each student will define the nature and scope of a project, identify an innovative approach to address the challenge, participate in activities to achieve a stated outcome and analyze and present the results of the experience.

All honors students are required to present their honor project in the seminar and are encouraged to present at the College of Nursing Research Summit.

All students must submit their final, approved thesis to the Institutional Repository (IR@UF). 


Summa Cum Laude

  • GPA 3.90 – 4.00 GPA in all upper-division nursing courses.

Magna Cum Laude

  • GPA 3.80 – 3.89 GPA in all upper-division nursing courses.

Cum Laude

  • GPA 3.70 – 3.79 GPA in all upper-division nursing courses.