LGBTQ+ in Nursing

Student Spotliight

Taylor Bell BSN, RN

Hear from the current Co-Leader of the LGBTQ+ in nursing student interest group and DNP Student on how this leadership role makes an impact.

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The goal of this inclusive student-interest group is to build a safe supportive community that affords members the opportunity to generate dialogue about professional development and leadership for LGBTQ+ identified nursing students and allies. This group will provide opportunities for conversation around the following aspects of LGBTQ+ nursing:

  • Increasing awareness of LGBTQ+ health disparities and the intersectionality of external factors affecting health
  • Fostering personal and professional growth and development for LGBTQ+ members in nursing through open, honest and respectful conversation
  • Discussing challenges and triumphs that LGBT+ members in nursing face
  • Learning the importance of advocating for quality health care to meet the current and future health needs of the LGBTQ+ community
  • Learning about strategies for success and obtaining information about key organizations for LGBTQ+ nurses
  • Facilitating strong collegial relationships between LGBTQ+ nurses and other nurses in the discipline