Mentorship/Career Networking Program

MentorCollege of Nursing alumni mentors assist current students in exploring career options and providing networking leads and general advice. Mentors help students interested in finding employment in a particular city become familiar with the area and what it is like to work in a specific nursing-related career field.

The Mentorship “Look Book” includes a profile for each mentor and is accessible to potential mentees to view. Potential student mentees who are interested in reaching out to mentors may use the information provided in the Look Book to contact mentors and initiate the mentorship relationship.

Student mentee expectations:

  • Respond to any mentor emails within a reasonable time frame
  • Communicate honestly, but respectfully, with mentors
  • Represent the program and institution with integrity


“By shadowing an alumni mentor at UF Health, it allowed me to see that I really wanted to focus on women’s health and direct my path to graduate school. I am so grateful for the mentorship program!!”

  • Jenny Joseph, BSN Class of 2017

“Shadowing a nurse on the unit made me so excited about my future career that I ended up working on that unit and I now want to mentor other students and help them.”

  • Tyler Juhan, BSN Class of 2015