White Coat Thank-A-Sponsor

We hope you enjoyed your White Coat Ceremony! Each student’s white coat was provided by the generosity of UF College of Nursing alumni, faculty, staff, friends and parents. It is very important that we make the best impression possible and show our appreciation for our donors’ generosity, so we may continue to cultivate a positive experience that will allow for future students to benefit as well. Therefore, the CON Office of Advancement is creating a thank you postcard to send to the sponsor of your white coat, on your behalf. To complete this process, we are requiring each participating student who received a sponsored white coat to complete and submit the form below by Thursday, July 19, to show your appreciation for the generosity of the donor who sponsored your coat- a symbol of professionalism in the field of healthcare you have chosen.

Questions? Contact Yancy Lawrence.


Thank You Messages Form

You will need a high-res photo to upload. Tip – when you zoom in on the photo, it does not pixelate.

White Coat – Thank-A-Sponsor

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A high res photo is needed for your postcard. To be sure it is high res, make sure you can enlarge/zoom without pixelation. Tips: Ask someone to snap a pic of you sporting your new white coat, the pic should feature you, don’t try to fit a large background in your shot (a tiny you against the wall in front of Student Affairs does not work).
Max. file size: 125 MB.
Examples: 1.) My parents sponsored me. Dear Momma & Daddy. 2.) My aunt sponsored me. Dear Aunt Alberta.
Enter 2 paragraphs expressing your message of appreciation to the sponsor of your White Coat (think as if you have a blank Thank You note card in front of you). Ideas of what to include: how your coat makes you feel, why you chose nursing, your nursing aspirations, feelings of appreciation for their kindness/belief in you/generosity, say “thank you.” A range of 130-150 words is suggested to fit properly on the postcard. Do not include a salutation or signature block in either your word count or this box, as we will have them from your other answers on this form.
If you have additional information or questions, please submit them here for coordinator review/reply.