Traditional BSN Program


All College of Nursing students must be in compliance with health policies as required by the University of Florida, Health Sciences Center, and the College of Nursing. Failure to be in compliance with these requirements will jeopardize the start of clinical coursework.

The College of Nursing requires students to submit this information via CastleBranch which manages our student enrollment data for items such as immunizations and background checks. You will need to establish an account with them as soon as possible in order to begin submitting materials required for the program. Instructions for beginning this process are available here: Traditional BSN CastleBranch Package

All CastleBranch requirements must be completed by NO LATER than August 25th, 2017.

If you have questions regarding CastleBranch please contact CastleBranch first. If necessary you may contact Marina Bezesky via email at Ms. Bezesky manages CastleBranch for the college and she can assist you should CastleBranch be unable to answer your questions.

Uniform and Equipment Requirements

Students in the College of Nursing are expected to convey a professional image when representing the College in a variety of settings. This includes clean, wrinkle free clothing and clean shoes. Students not in adherence will be unable to participate in learning experiences.  All baccalaureate students will follow the guidelines available here: Uniform and Equipment Requirements for BSN Students

As indicated in the Uniform and Equipment Requirements, students must purchase official University of Florida College of Nursing uniforms from Meridy’s Uniforms. Ordering information is available here: University of Florida Fall 2017

All BSN students are required to have a laptop computer which must meet all specifications listed here: Laptop Requirements for BSN Students

Orientation Information

Orientation information will be posted on the College of Nursing website as it becomes available. Please keep an eye on the following link for that information to post: College of Nursing Orientation Information

Registration Information

Registration information for each semester will be posted on the College of Nursing website here: Advisement/Class Schedule Students are strongly advised to check this site regularly for updates prior to the start of classes.

Your Academic Advisor, Kenneth Foote, will assist you with the registration process for the first semester of the program. All questions regarding registration should be directed to him via email at