Alumni Council Book Awards

The Alumni Council congratulates incoming ABSN and BSN students on their acceptance to the University of Florida College of Nursing. You are joining a group of nurses unparalleled in their commitment to nursing education, patient care, and research. The Alumni Council is an advisory body that works with the administration of the College of Nursing to strengthen the link between the college’s alumni and students, faculty and staff. Each year, the Alumni Council grants Book Awards to select candidates. It is our hope that this award will introduce you to the Alumni Council’s role in supporting the educational experiences of current students and that you will have the opportunity to meet many of our members. We urge all of you to join our ranks upon graduation and join us in supporting future generations of Gator Nurses!

These Book Awards assist students in purchasing nursing textbooks. The selection criteria include an assessment of your: financial need, commitment to nursing and vision for the future of the nursing profession, leadership strengths, and community/world service.

Recipients will be notified via email in early fall and will receive congratulatory phone calls from Alumni Council members. All newly admitted undergraduate students are eligible, provided they are enrolled in classes during the semester in which they are awarded (fall) and have filed a 2021 FAFSA form (for questions about the FAFSA form, please contact financial aid at 352-273-6115).

If selected as a Book Award recipient, you will be expected to attend the College of Nursing Reunion Tailgate on Sept. 25, 2021, where you will be recognized for this honor.

The application window for 2021 is now closed.