Uniform and Equipment Requirements

Students in the College of Nursing (CON) are expected to convey a professional image when representing the College in a variety of settings. This includes clean, wrinkle free clothing and clean shoes. Students not in adherence will be unable to participate in learning experiences.  All baccalaureate students entering in May and August will follow the guidelines below.

Health Science Center (HSC) Gator1 Identification Badge

A Health Science Center (HSC) Gator1 Identification Badge MUST be displayed at ALL times in ALL settings, whether on or off campus as a student.  Students who do not adhere to this requirement will not be permitted to attend or participate.

Badges can be obtained through the ID Card Services Office UF Health Science Center  Branch. Specific information on the hours and location of this office is available here: https://www.bsd.ufl.edu/G1C/idcard/location.asp. There is a fee for the badge, and proof of acceptance into the College of Nursing is needed.  It is important to remember that students must identify themselves as College of Nursing/Health Science Center students to receive the correct ID badge.

College of Nursing Uniform Requirements

The required uniform for the undergraduate BSN program is as follows:

  • Community, Lab & Acute Settings Uniform – used in a variety of laboratory, community, outpatient, mental health settings, and required for laboratory and acute care settings for the first 3½ semesters of the program. The College of Nursing uniform consists of navy scrub pants and the CON navy scrub top. Students are required to wear white socks, stockings, and belts. In colder weather, white or navy tops only may be worn underneath the navy scrub top. Shoes must be closed heel and toe, nonporous, and primarily white. Logos are acceptable, but shoes should be white. If you are unsure, please contact your academic advisor.

Students MUST purchase these custom uniform pieces from Meridy’s Uniforms. Orders to Meridy’s need to be placed as soon as possible but not later than the dates indicated on the Meridy’s ordering instruction form. These items include:

  • At least one CON navy scrub top.
  • At least one CON navy scrub pants.

Only the official College of Nursing uniform pieces need to be purchased from Meridy’s Uniforms. All other items listed are optional items not specifically required by the College of Nursing.

Equipment Requirements

Additional requirements for certain clinical practice areas are found in the Undergraduate Student Handbook and individual course syllabi.