DNP Projects


Kathleen Adragna
Creation of Autism-Friendly Pre-Operative Area | Project Chairperson: R. Nealis

Luisa Batine
Development of a Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Protocol | Project Chairperson: J. Hoffman

Amanda Bennett
Process improvement for screening and treatment of Sepsis in the emergency department | Project Chairperson: D. Lester

Jaclyn Campbell
Nurses Knowledge of the Importance of Feeding Orally in Infants with Congenital Heart Disease | Project Chairperson: C. Krueger

Rebecca Cash
Heated high flow nasal cannula: A feasibility study for critical care hypoxia patients | Project Chairperson: D. Lester

Jessie Cirolia
Provider Expertise in Transgender Care | Project Chairperson: B. Weber

Solange Colin
The Effects of Nurse-Patient Ratios on Nurse and Patient | Project Chairperson: S. Citty

Yexica Croft
Effects of Co-Sleeping on Infant Mortality | Project Chairperson: C. Krueger

Lynette Cunday
Pathway to discharge: NICU process improvement | Project Chairperson: L. Parker

Stephanie Curtis
An Evaluation Plan for a Revised Neonatal Hypoglycemia Protocol | Project Chairperson: J. Gannon

Theodore Dage
Understanding and Utilization of Palliative Care Resources | Project Chairperson: R. Nealis

Angela Davenport
Treatment outcomes in dual diagnosis population | Project Chairperson: J. Cimiotti

Heather Davis
Suicide Prevention Among Adolescents in the High School Setting | Project Chairperson: C. Cook

Juliet Ezepue
Assessing Attitudes about Mental Health Within the Nigerian Community | Project Chairperson: J. Stacciarini

Elizabeth Gatch
Antibiotics in severe sepsis and septic shock: A Quality Improvement project to decrease time from diagnosis to initiation of antibiotic therapy to less than 60 minutes | Project Chairperson: T. Hartjes

Megan Glemza
Umbilical Cord Blood: An underutilized commodity | Project Chairperson: J. Hoffman

Gregg Graham
Group Therapy Following Joint Replacement | Project Chairperson: S. Bradley

Dominique Greene
Comprehensive needs assessment to better identify Hospice patients in the Emergency Department at UF Health | Project Chairperson: T. Hartjes

Jessica Himmelberger
Improving end-of-life advance care planning in Primary Care | Project Chairperson: D. Wilkie

Brian Huei
Assessing Florida School Districts’ adherence to Asthma management guidelines: A policy analysis | Project Chairperson: R. Lucero

Mireille Jean-Mary
HIV Stigma and Medications | Project Chairperson: K. Curry

Tara Jendzio
Standardization of cue-based feeding by utilization of the infant-driven feeding scales | Project Chairperson: L. Parker

Marcella Johnson
Inpatient Pain Management Protocols for Pediatric Sickle Cell Patients | Project Chairperson: M. Ezenwa

Diane McLaughlin
Do Prolonged Hourly Neuro Checks Contribute to Sleep Deprivation/ICU Delirium | Project Chairperson: T. Hartjes

Joanna McLaughlin
Back to sleep | Project Chairperson: L. Parker

Ashley Pleie
Create Habits, Adopt New Growth, and Enhance Self, C.H.A.N.G.E.S.: A Program Evaluation | Project Chairperson: S. Schaffer

Jennifer Powell
Implementing a consent for common procedures video in the NICU setting | Project Chairperson: L. Parker

Diana Rhys
Acoustic Modalities in Neuropsychiatry: The State of Evidence | Project Chairperson: D. Lyon

Kenneth Ryan
Evaluation of Advanced Practice Nurses’ Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Pain Management | Project Chairperson: S. Schaffer

Tiffany Tamasfi
Exploring the Transgender Patient’s Experience Interacting with Health Care | Project Chairperson: B. Weber


Frances B. Armstrong
Evaluation of Curricular Preparation of Prospective Providers Relating to Topics of Palliative Care, Advance Care Planning, and End of Life Discussions at the University of Florida

Trudi N. Barry
Assessing the Readability and Availability of On-Line Asthma Education Materials

Sarah Alexandra Bernstein
Patient Satisfaction Survey

Kyla Berrier
The Relationship between Insurance Coverage and Access to Specialty Care

Vera Brecken-Marquis
Implementation of a Validated Pain and Functional Assessment Tool for Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients

Lauren Carroll
Establishing an Effective Reminder Program for the HPV Vaccine Series

Kristen Pravetz Cook
Implementing a Policy for Kangaroo Care in the Operating Room

Sara Copeland
Needs assessment and plan for the development of a developmental care/Neonatal Intensive Care follow-up clinic including comprehensive lactation services

Kasey Dean
Screening for Alcohol Misuse: A Quality Improvement Study

Kimberly Diaz
Improving Cholesterol Medication Adherence Using the Teach-Back Method

Joslyn Gross
Pressure Ulcer Staging Discrepancies in the Acute Care Setting

Stacey Hamlett
Measuring the impact of a nitrous oxide program in labor and delivery

Kristine Heenk
Assessment of Stigma in Adolescents with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Implications for Practice

Jennifer Mary Highfield
Retrospective chart review of perioperative variables influencing post operative nutrition in the infant with Congenital Heart Disease

Cherri Jennewein
Evaluating Polypharmacy, Hypertension Quality Guidelines, and Appropriate Prescribing for Elderly Patients.

Jeong Yeon Kang
Improving Transitions of Care in the Free Clinic Network

Hea Lyoung Lee
The Outcomes of QuantiFERON-TB Gold In-tube test for Screening Latent TB in Liver Transplant Candidates

Michael A. Maymi
Smart Hearts: A discharge app for the congenital heart patient and families

Elizabeth McCormack
Identifying Elder Abuse: A New Vital Sign

Christian N. Meade
Perceived Barriers to Providing Smoking Cessation in Primary Care

Elise Perna
Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioners’ Self-Identified Learning Needs Regarding Type 1 Diabetes

Kristen Pravetz Cook
Implementing a Policy for Kangaroo Care in the Operating Room

Shauna A. Ricci
Improving Oral Health Access: Primary Care Fluoride Varnishing

Courtney Rogers
Morning Huddles in Family Practice: Can they Improve Adherence to Preventive Care Schedules?

Hillary Bowers Rohrs
Emergency Department Visits Following Pediatric Adenotonsillectomy: Why Are Our Patients Returning?

Stephanie Clifford
Program Evaluation of Peripheral Intravenous Catheter Insertion at a Children’s Hospital

Laura Sealy
Supportive Care Needs of Caregivers of Children Diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia

Stephanie N. Shivers
Improving Obstetric Hemorrhage Simulation: A Plan to Implement Laerdal’s MamaNatalie in the U.S. Military Hospital System

Sydney Henderson Tateo
State of the Evidence: Cannabinoids and Cancer Pain- A Systematic Review

Haulek Tawmging
Evaluation of the Impact of the Patient Health Questionnaire-9 on Provider Intervention

Ashley Thompson
Skin Failure in the Critical Care Population

Lisandra Vidal
Manual for Adolescent Immunizations

John Way
Utilization of Acute Care Nurse Practitioners for Nocturnal Coverage in the Long Term Acute Care Setting.

Kaitlyn White
Limitations in Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Knowledge on Testing and Treatment

Elizabeth Winings
The Relationship Between Diet and Depression in Adult Women: A Systematic Review of the Literature


Susan Alvarez
Evaluating the Morse scale in predicting fall risk for the surgical patient: A retrospective study

Marcela Andrade
Indicators of non-adherence in pediatric primary care

Sadi Barrett
Effectiveness of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation for chronic musculoskeletal pain in middle-aged and older adults: Meta-analysis

Elida Benitez
Ventilator weaning protocol in the cardiothoracic intensive care unit

Mary Weaver Briganti
Establishing a multidisciplinary evidence-based program for the care of the hospitalized elderly

Jennifer Cannon
Risk of skin cancer in post-transplant patients

Julia Clarkson
The effect of an interprofessional heart failure education program on hospital readmissions

Heidi Curry
Underdiagnosed/undertreated sleep apnea in primary care

Megan Demerich
Evaluation of a private psychiatric practice novel mood questionnaire and impact on plan of care

Alexa Dias
Assessing the comfort level of pediatric primary care providers in the management of mental health care in children

Melissa Eha
Management of osteoporosis among primary care providers: A systematic literature review

Melinda Fawbush
Decisions by BRCA-Positive women evaluated in a community Cancer risk assessment program

Jane Fischer
Dermatopathology tutorial for nurse practitioners

Linda Fuschini
Advanced practice nurse credentialing and privileging

Christina Grainger
The relationship between obesity, surgical approach and surgical site infections in total hip arthoplasty: An integrative review

Shelly Hicks
Evaluating the effects of a pharmacist-led diabetes education program at a rural primary care facility

Amanda Hill
Palliative care consultation program in the emergency department: A feasibility study

Victoria Hollingsworth
Effective utilization of the WHO pain management model through the assessment of self-reported pain scores in pediatric sickle cell anemia patients

Tiffany Hull
Communication discontinuity among pediatric primary care and specialty care providers

Cassidy Jacobs
Skin Cancer: Evaluating the roles and barriers of prevention in the primary care setting

Courtney Jenkins
Identifying heart failure readmission risk characteristics in an acute care facility

Queeneth Jones
The war on adolescent drug use: Should our schools be on the frontline?

Alyssa Liguori
The surgical time out: Circulating nurse’s perception of efficacy

Linda Mays
A critical literature review of the effect of tobacco smoking on oral olanzapine dosing among schizophrenic patients

Laura Davis McLauchlin
Early recognition of implant sepsis patients

Lauren Meece
Pain, agitation and delirium (PAD) in the ICU: An algorithmic approach to assessment and management

Carolyn Mollo
Evaluation and quality improvement for wound care in the critical care population

Kyle Payne
Reduction of catheter associated urinary tract infections in the ICU: An evidence based approach

Gerard Rhodes
The relationship of restricted food access to adult obesity and diabetes mellitus

Sharon Schwartz
Outcomes of a sedation standardization protocol for mechanically ventalized patients in the ICU

Mary Swingle
Evaluation and improvement of sepsis care in the emergency department

Marina Trevisani
Point of care transthoracic echocardiography in critical care: An educational intervention for nurse practitioner, physician assistant and anesthesia assistant students

Jennifer Vendt
Utilization of technology to assess for developmental delays and determine school readiness in children ages 3 to 6

Christopher Weiss
Obesity in rural Florida

Claudia Zuriarrain
Assessing the readiness of a health center to become a patient centered medical home


Sharon Adams
A clinical guide in the diagnosis, management, and patient teaching of gestational diabetics

Yana Morrison Blaise
Special needs youth in transition: Education for primary care providers

Amanda Brink
Measuring pain in patients with verbal impairment in the acute care setting

Danielle Chaplin
Efficacy of group visits on hypertension knowledge, medication

Patricia Clarke
Management of childhood fever: An evaluation of website quality and accuracy

Angelia Crozier
Annual diabetic foot exams: A CQI initiative in a primary care clinic

Christina Flint-Lowe
Assessing heart failure processes of care in telehealth

Erica Gallen
Emergency department delirium screening: Improving patient

Sandra Galyon
Home-based pediatric obesity interventions: A review of what has worked in the past and what we can do to change the future

Stacia Hays
A survey of dental protocols in U.S. liver transplant centers

Kimberly Kearney
Policy review and recommendations: Nurse practitioners and Florida’s mental health act

Alexandra Kehres
Assessing the skin cancer prevention behaviors of adults in the primary care setting

Brenda Kennedy
Adherence to colon cancer screening guidelines in a primary care practice

Patricia Larrieu
Examination of vaccination rates in an outpatient hemodialysis facility

Hillary Licardi
Exploration of effects of the DNP on advanced practice nurses’ careers

Roberta Logsdon
Collecting data from patients that utilize a standalone emergency room as opposed to why they do not seek care with their primary care physician

Martha Mangus
House calls among nurse practitioners in Florida

Tabitha Oravetz
Assessment of parental beliefs, knowledge and practices in antibiotic use

Samuel Busa Realista
Development and implementation of a web-based educational

Rosemarie Rodriguez
Adolescent drug and alcohol use and practitioner screening

Anna Saenz
Assessment of elder population sexuality and sexually transmitted diseases

Heather Schafer
Early and exclusive breastfeeding: An evaluation plan

Rebekah Smith
A meta-analysis of peer support interventions in type 2 diabetes

Kristin Strode
Use of SkypeTM to enhance caregivers’ understanding of patients’ medication regimens

Rose Turner
Changing the paradigm of psychotropic Prescribing: Pharmacokinetics, safety genomics and a psychotropic CYP450-Interaction tool

Shauna Vaughan
Self-management in adult cystic fibrosis: An education model

Tina Voisin
Developing a COPD protocol for a primary care office

 Li Wang
Barriers to blood pressure control at Archer Family Health Care

Suzanne Smith Weed
Evaluation of the referral process for a homeless population