Nurses Leading Change


Nurses Leading Change, NLC, has created a safe space to empower individuals of marginalized communities to speak and be heard. The organization advocates for social issues related to race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ability, etc. They facilitate open discussions about how intersectional identities influence the health of underserved populations and the nurse’s role in addressing the determinants of health. They also provide resources such as upcoming webinars and credible articles to encourage members, including those that represent the majority, better educate themselves on these topics. Their hope is to decrease health disparities through improved nursing practice in the College of Nursing.

The hope is that during this time, students look for ways to educate each other on these topics, that the faculty also support us in including these conversations and important determinants of health like race, gender, sexual orientation, religion and ability in the classroom setting as well.

NLC is providing this education in form of General Body Meetings through Zoom and e-newsletters. It is also very student-based and constantly asking members what they hope to gain from NLC, as well as what content they want to see.

NLC Executive Board Members:

  • Jessica Mesa- President (Traditional BSN ’22)
  • Hannah Guillen- Vice President (Traditional BSN ’22)
  • Kylie Stojak- Vice President (Gainesville ABSN ’22)
  • Rylee Harfouche – Secretary (Traditional BSN ’22)
  • Kelsey Rivers- Treasurer (Jacksonville ABSN ’22)
  • Kelly Mas – Club Historian
  • Dr. Anne Dillard- Faculty Advisor

The NLC group works closely with three students that are a part of the Social Justice Steering Committee within the College of Nursing: Tess Tumarkin, Kayla Elliot and Carolina Morales.

And three other students who were a part of the summer 2020 meetings and constantly help us make everything possible: Angie Suarez, Angela Ceccarelli and Nicole Fuller.

Who can join

This organization is open for any pre-nursing student, undergraduate nursing and graduate nursing student at The University of Florida.

How to apply: