Student Organizations

University of Florida College of Nursing students are encouraged to participate in college, Health Science Center and university governance through their undergraduate and graduate student councils. Active membership in both the Nursing College Council (NCC) and University of Florida Student Nursing Association (UFSNA) is a way to be involved, meet other students and faculty, and enhance your career in nursing.

Nursing College Council (NCC)

The Nursing College Council (NCC) consists of the entire undergraduate student body at the College of Nursing, including Traditional BSN and Accelerated BSN students.  The officers act as elected representatives of the students and we provide a voice to faculty, alumni, and other colleges at the University of Florida. NCC’s purposes include orientation and mentoring of incoming students, fostering communication between students and faculty, membership on College committees, professional development and enhancement of student life through extra curricular social and service activities. One of our main functions is to help new students with their transition to nursing school by providing all the information they will need to begin classes as well as assisting with the College of Nursing Orientation.

Students are encouraged to actively participate in the Nursing College Council (NCC).  NCC is the student governance body for the College of Nursing, and as a nursing student, you are automatically a member.  NCC has meetings every other Monday where issues are discussed that are pertinent to students at the College of Nursing, service projects are organized, guest speakers present, and events with other colleges are discussed.  We are also the organization to which faculty turns to when decisions affecting students need to be made.  This is one of the most important reasons to become involved.  It is important that the students’ voices and opinions are accurately represented.  NCC has its meetings along with the University of Florida Nursing Student Association (UFNSA).

For more information, please contact:

  • Nursing College Council President: Hannah Messenger
  • Nursing College Council Vice President: Jordan Hayes
  • Nursing College Council Jacksonville Representative: Sandra Vizer

University of Florida Nursing Student Association (UFNSA)

The University of Florida Student Nursing Association (UFNSA) is a pre-professional organization affiliated with the Florida Student Nursing Association and the National Student Nursing Association. Its purpose is to prepare nursing students for the assumption of professional responsibilities. Participants develop leadership skills as they work on projects that have an impact on the profession of nursing. Members participate in community projects that provide needed services in addition to valuable learning experiences.

UFSNA is the College of Nursing’s pre-professional organization that allows students to grow through service, leadership, and mentor-ship. UFSNA empowers students to have an impact on issues that will affect us in each of our careers, wherever they may take us.

Locally, we have many projects we are associated with, including Breakthrough to Nursing, Relay for Life, Bone Zone, and many more!  At the state and national level, UFSNA is involved in student conventions where activities include voting on new programs, attending focus sessions, and networking with statewide or nationwide employers.  At the conventions, students also have the opportunity to run for various offices.  Currently and previously, members of the UFSNA have held positions on the state and national level.  There is always room for more Gator Nurse involvement!

There are many commercial benefits to membership.  These include insurance discounts, free American Nurses Association (ANA) membership after graduation, and MasterCard deals. The personal benefits of meeting and working with fellow students may be the best benefit of all.  The friendships and time spent together will make your time at the College of Nursing more memorable.

Active membership in both NCC and UFSNA is a way to become involved, meet other students and faculty, and help enhance your career in nursing.

At Orientation, students receive the National Student Nurses Association Membership packet.  A first time membership costs $35.00.

For more information, please contact:

  • UFSNA President: Taylor Collins
  • UFNSA Vice President: Lauren Sevilla
  • Community Service chair: Johanna Ceballos
  • Fundraising chair: Alexis Bouters
  • Treasurer: Karen Jude Cadet
  • Merchandise: Sadie Campbell and Emily Nguyen



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