Spring 2021 White Coat Ceremony


Join us, Friday, March 12

The white coat is an important symbol in health care. For nursing, this is the moment when you pledge yourself to patient-centered care. With that, it is our honor to celebrate a rite of passage for nurses with an in-person
White Coat Ceremony. Students are to arrive in the HPNP auditorium according to your regularly scheduled class time while practicing social distancing.  The brief professional ceremony will be held during the last hour of your regularly scheduled class time for NUR 3168:  Lead and Inspire 2: Research and Evidence-Based Nursing. Please plan to dress professionally for the occasion and bring your white coat with you to class, picture-perfect. No worries if you do not have your coat or choose not to wear the white coat.  Space is very limited due to social distancing, we appreciate your understanding that guests cannot attend the event. Please wear a face mask while in the building and throughout the ceremony.  We look forward to welcoming you to the health care profession as a Gator Nursing Student.

Ceremony Times:

White Coat Ceremony Program