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1225 Center Drive
Gainesville, FL 32610
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University of Florida College of Nursing
PO Box 100197
Gainesville, FL 32610-0197

Map & Directions

Please park in Shands East or West Visitor Parking. Parking for all those who are not patients or visitors of patients is $20, however free or reduced-price vouchers are available to select visitors. Please contact the respective department or office of the college that you are visiting for more information on securing a voucher.

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Contact Directory

For Students (Prospective and Current)

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General Student Information
Phone: 352-273-6400
Fax: 352-294-8086

Pre-Nursing Advisor
Contact Person: Kenneth Foote (Pre-Nursing & Prospective BSN Advisor)
Phone: 352-273-6383
Fax: 352-294-8086

Academic Advisor Undergraduate
Contact Person: Nancy Cintron (Traditional BSN)
Phone: 352-273-6428
Fax: 352-294-8086

Contact Person: Kianna Simmons (Accelerated BSN)
Phone: 352-273-6411
Fax: 352-294-8086

Contact Person: Katriana Vega (RN-to-BSN)
Phone: 352-294-5394
Fax: 352-294-8086

Academic Advisor Graduate
Contact Person: Mailing Pauzauskie (DNP & PhD)
Phone: 352-273-6331
Fax: 352-294-8086

Academic Admissions
Phone: 352-273-6400
Fax: 352-294-8086

Financial Aid & Loans
Phone: 352-273-6115
Fax: 352-294-8086

Phone: 352-273-6411
Fax: 352-273-6440

Please visit the UF Registrar Web site

Dean’s Offices

Dean’s Office 
Phone: 352-273-6324
Fax: 352-273-6505
Contact Person: Jay Ortiz

Executive Associate Dean/Clinical Affairs 
Phone: 352-273-6335
Fax: 352-273-6505
Contact Person: Sharon Milton-Simmons

Public Relations and Communications (including news media)

Phone: 352-273-6395
Fax: 352-273-6505
Contact Person: Anna Hoffman

Academic and Research Departments

Biobehavioral Nursing Science 
Phone: 352-273-6431
Fax: 352-273-6536
Contact Person: Mary LaMantia

Family, Community and Health Systems Science 
Phone: 352-273-6393
Fax: 352-273-6568
Contact Person: Mary LaMantia

Research and Scholarship
Phone: 352-273-6321
Fax: 352-273-6573
Contact Person: Patty Youngblood

Jacksonville offices
Learning Resource Center, 3rd Floor, Box L-4
653-1 W. 8th Street
Jacksonville, FL 32209
Phone: 904-244-3245
Fax: 904-244-3246
Contact Person: Jennifer Davis

Development and Alumni Affairs

Phone: 352-273-6614
Fax: 352-273-6505
Contact Person: Yancy Lawrence