Kelly/Starkweather Lab Studies

Neurophysiological and transcriptomic predictors of chronic low back pain: towards precision pain management (NEAT Study) 

Major Goals: To identify neurophysiological and gene expression biomarkers of the transition from acute to chronic low back pain.  

  • Specific Aim 1: To examine neurophysiological predictors of the transition from acute to chronic pain at baseline and over time following initial clinic visit for report of LBP.
  • Specific Aim 2: To test the hypothesis that differential expression of MHC locus genes at baseline and over time will be associated with the risk for chronic pain, while differential expression of known pain genes will define the chronic LBP transcriptome.  

Status of Support: Active 

Project Number: R01NR018595 

Name of Program Director/ Principal Investigator: Dorsey/Renn/Starkweather (MPIs) 

Source of Support: National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Nursing Research 

Project/Proposal Start and End Date: 09/23/2019 – 06/30/2024 

Total Award Amount (including Indirect Costs): $3,131,000 

Emotion regulation as a primary mechanism of action in yoga interventions for chronic low back pain: An RCT testing biological and psychological pathways 

Major Goals: To compare the effects of yoga and physical activity on chronic low back pain outcomes. 

  • Specific Aim 1: Test whether emotion regulation (ER) abilities improve as a result of the yoga intervention. 
    • Secondary Aim 1: Test whether improvements in ER produce changes in pain severity/interference. 
    • Secondary Aim 2: Test whether yoga’s salutary effects on pain severity/interference operate via improvements in ER. 
    • Secondary Aim 3: Examine the role of pain sensitization in our mediational model. 

Status of Support: Active 

Project Number: R01AT010555 

Name of PD/PI: Park/Starkweather (MPIs) 

Source of Support: National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Complementary and Integrative Health 

Project/Proposal Start and End Date: 06/01/20-05/31/25 

Total Award Amount (including Indirect Costs): $3,084,633 

Comprehensive Outcomes for After Cancer Health (COACH): The Feasibility and Impact of an mHealth Augmented Coaching Program for Self-Management in Cancer Survivors

Major Goals: Assess the effect of a 6-month digital health coaching program in cancer survivors within 1 year of primary treatment and longitudinally measure its impact on multifaceted health outcomes.

We aim to 1) Primarily, assess the feasibility, acceptability, and effect of digital health coaching on participants’ health self-efficacy; 2) Explore patient-generated health data outcomes (patient-reported [PROs] and wearable biometrics outcomes) among participants; 3) Explore gut microbiota changes among participants. 

Status of Support: Pending

Project Number: UFCON

Name of PD/PI: Starkweather/Kelly (MPIs)