DNP Program
Incoming Student Resources

Student Health Requirements

All College of Nursing students must comply with health policies as required by the University of Florida, the Academic Health Center, and the College of Nursing. Failure to comply with these requirements will jeopardize the start of clinical coursework.

Students must submit the necessary information through Exxat, a platform that oversees our student enrollment data, including immunization records and background checks. Once contacted through your UF email, it is imperative that you promptly create an account with Exxat to commence the submission of the required materials for the program. More information on Exxat is available here.

  • All Exxat requirements must be completed by NO LATER than August 28, 2024.
  • If you have questions regarding Exxat, please get in touch with Exxat first. If necessary, you may contact the Student Services Office, via email, for assistance.

    Orientation Information

    Orientation information will be posted on the College of Nursing website as it becomes available. Please keep an eye on the following link for that information to post: College of Nursing Orientation Information

    Registration Information

    Your academic advisor will assist you with the registration process. Registration information for each semester will be posted on the College of Nursing website here: Advisement/Class Schedule Students are strongly advised to check this site regularly for updates before the start of classes.

    Equipment Requirements

    BSN to DNP students must purchase an “Equipment Kit” containing clinical supplies required for the Nursing program. Ordering information for Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 courses is available below:

    Fall 2023

    Spring 2024

    Laptop Requirements

    All DNP students are required to have a laptop computer, which must meet all specifications listed here: Laptop Requirements for DNP Students.